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Tri Luma Cream Reviews

Triluma is a skin cream which has been created by a professional dermatologist who has spent years researching and treating cases of Melasma. This is the proper term for what men and women today refer to as dark spots throughout your skin.

The Triluma cream has been created to reduce the signs of Melasma and even eliminate the darkened skin areas altogether if possible. Of course this type of result solely depends on the severity of your case and how much sun exposure you allow your skin to have.

Studies and tests have shown some results within a 4week period but by 8weeks you should definitely notice a reduction in your dark skin areas from regular and consistent usage of Triluma cream.

Melasma is a skin condition which is caused by over production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical within our skin pigment which creates dark spots when exposed to the sun. The sun is what brings out these dark spots and can make them worse over time. Melasma can be experienced in mild, moderate and even severe forms depending on just how much extra Melanin is being produced within your skin pigment.

Tri-luma Ingredients:

The main ingredient within Triluma cream is hydroquinone. This chemical can induce allergic reactions and therefore when first using Triluma you should test a small area of skin to see how your skin reacts to this ingredient.

Hydroquinone gets deep within your skin’s pigments and actually reduces the amount of Melanin produced which then reduces the appearance of already existing dark spots and of course will prevent more from appearing over time.

You are advised to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible when utilizing this product. The sun is what increases the production of Melanin and can reverse your efforts of reducing darkened areas of skin. Try to utilize as least an SPF 30 when outdoors and wear protective clothing to protect other areas of skin on your body. Also, if you are using a hormonal birth control it is a good idea to switch to a non-hormonal application to increase the odds of success with Triluma creams.


  • Triluma cream successfully treats any level of Melasma
  • It can be incorporated right into your existing skin care regiment
  • 8weeks may be all you need to begin to see progress with your Melasma
  • Once a day use at bedtime
  • You can still utilize cosmetics and moisturizers while using Triluma



  • Triluma is only available through prescription by your doctor or through your pharmacy
  • Hydroquinone can be a trigger for allergic reactions which makes this cream not 100% risk free to use
  • You cannot use Triluma if you are pregnant, nursing or over the age of 65


Tri-Luma Side Effects:

There have been documented side effects associated with Triluma creams and these should be noted and understood before making the decision to utilize this skin lightening product. Such side effects can include peeling of the skin, blistering, oozing, crusting, skin irritations, burning or swelling and irritation of your eyes or mouth. These are the most common side effects and they are all associated with the ingredient Hydroquinone. Speak to your doctor before using Triluma cream for Melasma.

Triluma Conclusion:

Every skin lightening product has their pros and cons but for some one out weighs the other. The fact that Triluma includes Hydroquinone as a main ingredient can be a major problem for some and mean nothing for others. Speak to your physician about your case of Melasma and if Triluma creams can help.

There are many skin lightening products that can produce results without the negative effects. You just need to know which ones and where to find them. We have included a list of best rated creams that can provide much better results and don’t damage the skin! We have also included a link to the best and most reputable places to purchase them.

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  1. Robyn

    I used Tri-Luma for dark spots on my legs and ended up with crusty red patches, some of which peeled and some are still there. I also think it may have aggravated an area that became a squamous cell carcinoma but will have to ask my dermatologist about that before I make a judgement. I would rather just live with the dark spots and think anyone who can come up with an easy, safe product to get rid of them will make a fortune!

  2. Kelli

    I have been using TriLuma for 7 weeks with great success. I had two quarter sized, dark melasma patches, one on each cheek and no make up would cover them to any degree. I tried Meladerm faithfully for 3 months with no improvement at all. My dermatologist prescribed Tri-Luma and I’m so glad! The spots are barely visible now and cover well with mineral make up. I have had no side effects. I read the reviews on this site before using the cream and very important to remember is a little goes a long way and I believe I’ve not experienced problems due to not overdoing it with the cream. You also have to use sunscreen and avoid the sun as much as possible. I’m so glad I found this product!

  3. MAX

    The dermatologist wrote me a script for this. His nurse saw that I was skeptical and gave me a sample. I’m glad she did. I used it for two days and got the painfully blistering and reddened skin that can not be good. A couple years ago a derm put me on retin A and I thought that worked wonders. I wonder why they don’t like to give that out anymore. You have to dang near get on your knees. Must not be any money in it anymore.

  4. Jackie

    This product is a horrible experience for me. I never used other products before the Dr. prescribed it. First a couple of days it started to peel a bit. I continued to use it with more than a week to 2 weeks. I noticed the darks spots getting more and my face looks worse than before. How can people use it for 8 weeks? It will ruin the whole face. I won’t use it again! I need to see my dr. ask her why it gets worse than before? I rate it ZERO!

    Overall Not Rated
  5. Melissa

    I used Tri-Luma to lighten areas of melasma on my cheeks and forehead, and it worked incredibly well very quickly. After a couple of months, though, I wound up with a moderate case of perioral dermatitis as a side effect, which was tough to get rid of.

    Another person mentioned waxing facial areas while using this product — DON’T DO IT. I had my eyebrows waxed one time while using Tri-Luma, and the effects were devastating. Threading would probably work much better, but I haven’t run the experiment myself yet.

    Overall Not Rated
  6. Lisa

    My dermatologist gave me a sample of Triluma to treat my Melasma and I love the results after the first two weeks. I’m not experiencing any side effects and have noticed my brown spots disappearing. Only problem I’m having now is locating a pharmacy that has this product on their shelf or can order. I’m being told its on recall! I highly recommend this product, as long as used properly.

  7. Cindy B

    I have been using Tri-Luma for a year now, however not every day. I put it on when my face is wet, you use alot less this way and it is easier to spread over the spots you want lightened. I never get any burning, I never did even on regular application. It’s just enough to keep the dark spots in check. Now and then I use it on my hands and there is no sign of any age spots and I am something over 50.

  8. Rafela

    really work pretty good at least for me I dont have spors in my cheeks, but I dont understand why is too expensive,and with prescription and Mexico 15 miligrams is a 38.00 Dlls without prescription is the same.

  9. ivylake1

    I used tri luma according to my doctors instructions and the product instructions. I used sunblock and stayed out of the sun. It worsened my condition which is now very visible and embarrassing. Beware – this is an expensive product and has a very low success rate which the manufacturer is aware of!!! I contacted Gladerma Industries before I had may prescription filled and requested a sample and was told that they did offer a rebate but it had expired. I paid over $200 for this product which further damaged my skin tone!!

  10. I did pay $ 200+plus for this horrible cream, which made the dark spots on my face more darker because it lightens the skin around, instead of lightening the dark spots. It was a big waste of my hard earned money and I am still very mad at my dermatologist who prescribed my this expensive product ( I am sure she must getting some financial benefits from this company) And I am damn sure that these positive reviews posted above about this product are unreal and from some folks who work for this company.. Bottom line… avoid this product and try to work on your face with some natural remedies.

    Overall Not Rated
  11. Sam

    I have been using Tri Luma for about 6 weeks now and I have definitely seen results. My dermatologist STRESSED that I only use it on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays and only apply a thin layer (a pea-sized amount) to the affected areas. I think that, followed properly, it is extremely effective. I think maybe the people that had adverse reactions to it are either allergic to the cream, or used too much of it, because I use a tiny amount and it works wonders. I am a 31 year old Hispanic woman and my melasma appeared worse after the birth of my daughter…I had dark spots under my eyes and they are almost completely gone! Only con is that it dries out my face, but it is fine after moisturizing.

  12. Felicia

    I am shocked to read so many negative reviews! This cream has worked wonders on me…My skin looks amazing now and I get compliments on it all the time. I have been using Tri luma for over a year now and yes, initially I did peel. I assumed that the peeling was stripping off the old skin and I was right. Once I quit shedding, my skin glowed. I am wondering if some of the people writing the negative reviews are using sunscreen with the product and a moisturizer recommended by their dermatologist. This product may not be for everyone, but goodness, I love it.

  13. brooklynbl

    REAding through these reviews it seems that most of you seem to be slathering the product on your entire face, hence the burning ‘all over the face’. The product is for spot discoloration. If you bother to search the internet you would also see that 85% of sun screens contain products that cause cancer and increase brown spots. So do your homework people. I found when I walked into the drugstore 100% of their sunscreen products are up front and ALL of them cause cancer and crown spots. The ones that don’t are under the prescription counter. Vani cream is one of them they keep behind the counter even though it is the best sunscreen money can buy. Anyting above 30 is a waste of money as research has proven, again look around the interet. I had the brown spots here and there on my face. I used a cotton swap to rub the cream on these spots only! They completely disappeard in a matter of weeks and when I stopped using the product they remained gone for a whole year and a half. So stop complaining about your burning skin and how it looks so awful when you are probably to blame. Greedy, thinking that putting it all over your face probably a 1/4 inch think was going to make you gorgeous. You are barely supposed to use the product and only on the spots. People are exhasperatinly stupid sometimes.

    Overall Not Rated
  14. Amy

    I had horrible Melasma down the sides of my face. I had tried different facial procedures, but they only gave me brief, temporary results–and were more expensive than the Triluma cream. For me, Triluma is a miracle treatment. I have never had any peeling or soreness and my spots went away! I do continue to use a tiny amount every night (longer than the recommended 8 week period), but I live in Arizona and staying out of the sun completely is difficult. I have loved Triluma. There is no comparison in how my face looks. I could now go without concealer and foundation and my skin looks wonderful.

  15. marie

    I used tri-luma for two spots one on my chin and one on my upper cheek. The one on my chin is fine and getting lighter, the one on my upper cheek turned red, so red i cannot even camo it with make-up…i don’t think this should be used on sensitive areas…. and it was quite expensive … for the amount that you actually need, they should make it half the size and half the price!

  16. Olivia Diaz

    I have melasma because I play tennis in the Florida sun everyday. I wear 90spf and I still could not prevent teh melasma. Using Tri-Luma Cream ($160 for .30 g prescribed by my dermotologist) I saw signifigant results within 5 days, the dark spots faded, pimples that were deep in my skin on my checks disappeared, blackheads all over my face disappeared. The cream has faded my tan and for the first time in 2 years I can see the real color of my skin.

    I tried a face cream bleach prescription from another doctor in which the prescription was filled at CVS pharmacy but the Tri-Luma works much better because it contains 3 active ingredients instead the two the first doctor prescribed.

    Overall Not Rated
  17. Olivia Diaz

    I have melasma because I play tennis in the Florida sun everyday. I wear 90spf and I still could not prevent melasma.

    Using Tri-Luma Cream ($160 for .30g prescribed by my dermotologist) I saw signifigant results within 5 days. Dark spots on my face faded, pimples that were deep in my skin on my checks disappeared, blackheads all over my face disappeared. The cream has faded my tan and for the first time in 2 years I can see the real color of my skin.

  18. nawaz roy

    I am amazed that so many people (in other words agents) came out to defend this product, well it is understandable that if this product in a freaking small jar is sold for $200+ means this company making a shit load money, can easily find people who endorse this crap and calling other stupid for not using it properly. well, miss genious BROOKLYNBL which study shows that 4% Hydroquonine is quite safe for the skin.

    Overall Not Rated
  19. Char

    I have been using Tri=luma for a long time! it’s a miracle for me. unfortunately it has been on back order for 3 months. if anyone is unhappy with there purchase? I will take it off there hands. Please anyone let me know where i can get my prescription filled?


  20. Alex

    I been using Tri-luma and I have to say that I love it. Yes it can cause irritation and make the problem worst if you don’t’ have a constant contact with your doctor.
    1. Always wash your face before applying cream
    2. Wash it in the morning before leaving your house.
    3. Make sure you always have sunblock at least above SPF 30(I use 100 from Aveno face)
    4. Always use something to cover your face when you are outside, a little bit of sun can burn.
    5. Very important is to drink water and check diet habits
    6. Drink vitamin D with calcium as this will help develop your skin better.

    Results depend on how to complement your treatment. There is no such thing as a miracle cream that doesn’t have an effect. Do your best and you’ll have the results you want.
    Hope this helps :)

  21. miriam

    this cream gave me, what my Dr. described as a chemical burn.

    Overall Not Rated
  22. sheri

    I am so shocked about the number of bad reviews that ive seen. i used tri luma and saw significant progress in about 3 weeks. i am african american and have large areas of dark skin. on face, entire neck, under arms and inner thighs. tri luma worked excellently on lightening my face and neck though not so much on the inner thighs and underarms. i am soooo mad that they’ve removed this product off the market due to “lack of positive results” because i think the cream worked wonders. its been about 6 months since i last used tri luma and the black spots have yet to return. please please bring tri luma back!

  23. Novy

    All I can say this pre-cription is the best for melanoma, I spent so much money since this product are no longer (Meladerm, Hydroq 4% cream from my doctor, hydroq gel, ext…. ) end up nothing improve and is getting worse. I’m trying searching on line every day how to get this back order but no result. I’m frustrated!!!!! my face are getting darker and darker. If anyone no how to get this cream, my life completely back!!! help!!!!!

  24. Mary

    Tri Luma cream is a great combination of ingredients, and it does what it is intended to do. However, it is not for people with sensitive skin, and it definitely has to be used sparingly.


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