TriLuma Cream

TriLuma Cream
Treatment Rating:96.7 / 100
Patients Treated (est.):20,000+
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Active Ingredient:Hydroquinone
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Tri Luma Cream Reviews

Triluma is a skin cream which has been created by a professional dermatologist who has spent years researching and treating cases of Melasma. This is the proper term for what men and women today refer to as dark spots throughout your skin.

The Triluma cream has been created to reduce the signs of Melasma and even eliminate the darkened skin areas altogether if possible. Of course this type of result solely depends on the severity of your case and how much sun exposure you allow your skin to have.

Studies and tests have shown some results within a 4week period but by 8weeks you should definitely notice a reduction in your dark skin areas from regular and consistent usage of Triluma cream.

Melasma is a skin condition which is caused by over production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical within our skin pigment which creates dark spots when exposed to the sun. The sun is what brings out these dark spots and can make them worse over time. Melasma can be experienced in mild, moderate and even severe forms depending on just how much extra Melanin is being produced within your skin pigment.

Tri-luma Ingredients:

The main ingredient within Triluma cream is hydroquinone. This chemical can induce allergic reactions and therefore when first using Triluma you should test a small area of skin to see how your skin reacts to this ingredient.

Hydroquinone gets deep within your skin’s pigments and actually reduces the amount of Melanin produced which then reduces the appearance of already existing dark spots and of course will prevent more from appearing over time.

You are advised to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible when utilizing this product. The sun is what increases the production of Melanin and can reverse your efforts of reducing darkened areas of skin. Try to utilize as least an SPF 30 when outdoors and wear protective clothing to protect other areas of skin on your body. Also, if you are using a hormonal birth control it is a good idea to switch to a non-hormonal application to increase the odds of success with Triluma creams.


  • Triluma cream successfully treats any level of Melasma
  • It can be incorporated right into your existing skin care regiment
  • 8weeks may be all you need to begin to see progress with your Melasma
  • Once a day use at bedtime
  • You can still utilize cosmetics and moisturizers while using Triluma



  • Triluma is only available through prescription by your doctor or through your pharmacy
  • Hydroquinone can be a trigger for allergic reactions which makes this cream not 100% risk free to use
  • You cannot use Triluma if you are pregnant, nursing or over the age of 65


Tri-Luma Side Effects:

There have been documented side effects associated with Triluma creams and these should be noted and understood before making the decision to utilize this skin lightening product. Such side effects can include peeling of the skin, blistering, oozing, crusting, skin irritations, burning or swelling and irritation of your eyes or mouth. These are the most common side effects and they are all associated with the ingredient Hydroquinone. Speak to your doctor before using Triluma cream for Melasma.

Triluma Conclusion:

Every skin lightening product has their pros and cons but for some one out weighs the other. The fact that Triluma includes Hydroquinone as a main ingredient can be a major problem for some and mean nothing for others. Speak to your physician about your case of Melasma and if Triluma creams can help.

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