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Shiseido White Lucent Review

Shiseido has created a skin care program especially for those looking to brighten their complexion and eliminate the appearance of dark circles under their eyes, freckles, birth marks and of course age spots.

This regiment should and can be implemented at a young age if possible to avoid age spots in the future and protect your skin against trauma from the sun and environmental exposures as well.

With everything from a foaming cleansing gel to a foundation, Shiseido has created the ultimate luxury product line for skin brightening and enhancement.

The daytime cleanser and moisturizer is a place to start when you are getting into a skin lightening routine. The Shiseido white lucent daytime moisturizer has been created to lighten the melanin cells beneath your skin and spread them out to where they are needed to increase an even complexion. It is also capable of suppressing further formation of melanin to prevent future complexion issues, ensuring a permanent recovery.

With plant extracts, dual Vitamin C complex and of course brightening powder, the Shiseido white lucent brightening moisturizers have all the proper ingredients.


  • Option to purchase an entire skin care line dedicated to skin brightening
  • Plant extracts and all natural ingredients to increase safety during frequent and long term usage
  • An affordable luxury
  • Can be purchased at several different US retail locations
  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Brightening powder enhances skin’s natural radiance


  • Shiseido white lucent can be an expensive product
  • Not an easy to locate product
  • Does not list full ingredient list with their products
  • Not all Shiseido products are available everywhere, some regions are more restricted than others



The technology within any one of the Shiseido products is meant to eliminate natural dullness that can appear on our skin over time and create a newly rejuvenated complexion that is not only naturally enhanced but permanent. With prices around $118 per tube of Shiseido white lucent product, it is not even close to an affordable skin care regiment for the average consumer today. This is the major downfall of this product line; it is not accessible for everyone.

Although you receive skin protection through UVA rays and SPF within each of the daytime Shiseido white lucent brightening products, it is not a cost effective way to treat your skin discolorations or complexion issues for the long term.

It is not an easy task to locate a retailer near you that offers the entire line and regularity is the key to success when you are trying to lighten dark discolorations on your skin or eliminate dull areas of your complexion.

Buying any one of the Shiseido products just once is a waste of money, long term treatment is how you see success and if you cannot afford this line; don’t start with it at all. Everyone wants to indulge in personal luxuries from time to time and Shiseido certainly does offer luxury in a small bottle with a large price tag.

There are no doubts their products produce results but there are other factors to consider when choosing a skin care line for the long term.

Below is a list the highest ranked supplements by both experts and consumers.

We recommend 3 skin lighteners below that have very high user ratings, expert ratings, and skin bleaching results at an affordable price.

As of today, Meladerm has shown the best results for the consumers.

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Revitol Skin Brightener Cream90 DaysYes$29.95

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Illuminatural 6i Reviews90 daysYes$49.95

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SkinBright Skin Brightener30 DaysYes$49.00

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revitol skin brightener cream

Revitol Skin Brightener Cream

With ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamin A and Grapefruit Extract there is nothing to be afraid of with Revitol. Revitol contains antioxidants within its formula to help protect your skin against the sun and the free radicals that can damage the pigment of your skin and create uneven skin color and blotchiness.

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illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6i Reviews

Illuminatural 6i is a natural skin lightener. As such, it consists primarily of gentle skin lighteners, plant-derived active ingredients and natural exfoliants.

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SkinBright Skin Brightener

SkinBright Skin Brightener

When you put SkinBright cream on your skin it penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to provide the formula where your skin cells need them most. With SkinBright you don’t have to worry about what the chemicals within your skin may be harming because all ingredients are natural extracts and oils.

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  1. kristen morse

    I purchased the entire line of White Lucent to get rid of the hyperpigmentation. I have very fair skin and very sensitive. I have been using it for only one week and have to return it because it causes my skin to itch and my face broke out all over with what looks like mosquito bites, it is driving me crazy. I don’t know what chemical in the product is causing this reaction, but I cannot use it. I give it one star.

  2. DiDi

    I started with this product by purchasing their promotion set. It comes with facial foam, softener, moisturizer, toner lotion and also a mask. It works really well and I believe that this product prevent breakouts on my skin. Since then i purchase the white lucent brightening concentrated serum to reduce the freckles on my face cause by sun exposure. It looks more improvement on my skin. I love it, thanks to Shiseido. I’ll give them 4 stars, since it’s really expensive product.

  3. Uma

    I’ve been using White Lucent serum everyday morning and night and, use brightning mask once a week, over two months. I start seeing results in two weeks and now my brown spots and dark pathces from pregnancy, significantly reduced though still a lot left there. Also my skin feels very soft. It works very slowly, just have to be very patient to see the result.

  4. KMB

    White Lucent is great; works for me within 3 days. Skin best texture, spots getting less apparent. Price high, but got it at 15% sale. Still pricey. WOrth it for me.

  5. rima

    The entire range is great.. Results are clearly visible in a week. Breakouts stop.. skin becomes radiant with the strict discipline of cleansing softening and moisturising. The blemish target gel also worked wonders for me.

  6. meghna

    I purchased the entire white lucent line(cleansing foam,softner,moistriser)nd also brought the concentrated brightening serum…i used it for around 1week nd i could see my skin getting fairer but has got sevearly skin rash all over my face some small tiny tiny lesions all over…so gals my advice is ask 4 testers prior to purchasing…it may not suit for sensitive skin like mine…now i stopped using it and i could see all the small lesions disappear…i’m using only d cocentrated brightening serum along with lotus sunscreen to which i’m happy…but d 1-2-3 step is a mere waste of money so gals plz use d testers first.

  7. damien

    i am a darker skinned guy and i have used the shiseido white lucent line on and off for 2 years now, overall i rate the line a 3 out of 5, it can be an effective brightener but even when wearing a very high sunscreen if u get caught in the sun u will get major hyper-pigmentation recurrence and it becomes incredibly stubborn and will not come off, also a very costly line

  8. jeanus

    I got the Shiseido white lucent samplers (the sales lady said the line is extremely popular and it’s a great product, etc.) I have fair normal skin. I was using the line for just a couple of days and started feeling my skin getting dried up and then less than a week, I was breaking out! Then I stopped using it. This line of products really dries up your skin so I guess it’s more for those who has oily skin. I wouldn’t recommend for those who has normal skin.

  9. Jie Mei

    my skin has never felt this smooth or radiant before i started using this line. i love it! definitely would be their mascot. i use the white lucent softener, emulsion, and eye cream (along with their sun products to ensure i don’t cause more damage). spots gradually faded over time, visible improvement. i also love the brightening mask, instant results. yet the spot targeting serum is too rich for my young skin, although it feels light, with all the products i use, it gave me bumps.

  10. mia

    I purchased the set (cleanser, softener and moisturizer) at a department store. I have hyperpigmentation (Nevus of Ota) and couldn’t wait to use it. I had laser treament in March and wanted to spead the process of getting rid of the pigmentation so I bought this. I used it the same night and within a day or two, I could see my pigmentation lighetening up. I’ve noticed I dont have to use so much dermablend anymore. As a matter of face, I only used regular MAC concealer today. Can’t wait to purchase more from this line!

  11. Fariha

    Well I just Got this product few weeks ago so far it’s okY…but I think the progress will be very slow..nd the only reason some said it didn’t work on their skin b/c we all have different types of skin ….I have dry skin nd for me o far it’s working fine…nd the best part is it doesn’t make me breakout

  12. v

    this product cause major breakout for me…..not for my skin.

  13. I’ve been using this product for the past half year now. It has definitely helped to clear up pigmentation on my skin and it’s more clear than before. It didn’t work to whiten as much as I’d hoped though.

    For my full review:

  14. AsianNisha

    Just bought the Cleanser today. I have fair skin for an Asian. Going to have to give it 1 star for now. My skin especially cheeks are red, almost sunburned. So frustrating when the product cost my right arm and a finger. Hopefully my skin will clear up ASAP.

  15. Super Diva

    Shiseido White Lucent is the BEST line that Shiseido has created thru the years. Originally a product of Japan and most often used by Asians around the world. The Shiseido product in Japan is much better than the ones sold & distributed around the world. The ones sold in Japan are much creamier like for example their facial cleansers and moisturizers…the only problem is, they are sooo…Expensive when bought in Japan…maybe double the price compared to the ones around the world. The packaging is also totally different in Japan.
    Shiseido White Lucent is actually the third level of skin care sets in the Shiseido counter ‘coz usage actually depends on age.
    1st level is The Pureness Line (13-20 yrs. old) light blue package
    Next is The Skincare Line (21-38 yrs.old) white package
    Then The White Lucent Line (39-45 yrs. old) silver pink package
    As you get older like 46-65 yrs. of age you need to move up to The Benefiance Line which helps your skin tighten as you get older.
    Lastly The Black Line not really sure what that’s called but it’s for ages 66 & up. It’s kinda difficult to fine that line in Europe & North America. They say it is mostly sold in Asia but saw some in an Asian Mall in Vancouver, Canada.
    Also saw a Shampoo & Conditioner by SHISEIDO japan called Tsubaki in the same mall.
    Love Love Shiseido Skin Care Products…I started using them like forever (Pureness, Skincare & now White Lucent).
    Looooooovvvvveeeee it :)

  16. Nina Jang

    I am 39 year old asian gal. I have been using Shiseido White Lucent for almost 8 months. My acne scar has definitely faded. I hardly have breakout nowadays and very happy with the result. Even though the line is expansive, if you want result, you really have to spent! I believe that it is a good investment so that I will have a nice skin now and when i am older.

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