Shiseido White Lucent

Shiseido White Lucent
Treatment Rating:96.7 / 100
Patients Treated (est.):20,000+
Success Rate*:83.2%
Rank Change:+1
Active Ingredient:Plant extracts, Vitamin C
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Shiseido White Lucent Review

Shiseido has created a skin care program especially for those looking to brighten their complexion and eliminate the appearance of dark circles under their eyes, freckles, birth marks and of course age spots.

This regiment should and can be implemented at a young age if possible to avoid age spots in the future and protect your skin against trauma from the sun and environmental exposures as well.

With everything from a foaming cleansing gel to a foundation, Shiseido has created the ultimate luxury product line for skin brightening and enhancement.

The daytime cleanser and moisturizer is a place to start when you are getting into a skin lightening routine. The Shiseido white lucent daytime moisturizer has been created to lighten the melanin cells beneath your skin and spread them out to where they are needed to increase an even complexion. It is also capable of suppressing further formation of melanin to prevent future complexion issues, ensuring a permanent recovery.

With plant extracts, dual Vitamin C complex and of course brightening powder, the Shiseido white lucent brightening moisturizers have all the proper ingredients.


  • Option to purchase an entire skin care line dedicated to skin brightening
  • Plant extracts and all natural ingredients to increase safety during frequent and long term usage
  • An affordable luxury
  • Can be purchased at several different US retail locations
  • Recommended for all skin types
  • Brightening powder enhances skin’s natural radiance


  • Shiseido white lucent can be an expensive product
  • Not an easy to locate product
  • Does not list full ingredient list with their products
  • Not all Shiseido products are available everywhere, some regions are more restricted than others



The technology within any one of the Shiseido products is meant to eliminate natural dullness that can appear on our skin over time and create a newly rejuvenated complexion that is not only naturally enhanced but permanent. With prices around $118 per tube of Shiseido white lucent product, it is not even close to an affordable skin care regiment for the average consumer today. This is the major downfall of this product line; it is not accessible for everyone.

Although you receive skin protection through UVA rays and SPF within each of the daytime Shiseido white lucent brightening products, it is not a cost effective way to treat your skin discolorations or complexion issues for the long term.

It is not an easy task to locate a retailer near you that offers the entire line and regularity is the key to success when you are trying to lighten dark discolorations on your skin or eliminate dull areas of your complexion.

Buying any one of the Shiseido products just once is a waste of money, long term treatment is how you see success and if you cannot afford this line; don’t start with it at all. Everyone wants to indulge in personal luxuries from time to time and Shiseido certainly does offer luxury in a small bottle with a large price tag.

There are no doubts their products produce results but there are other factors to consider when choosing a skin care line for the long term.

Below is a list the highest ranked supplements by both experts and consumers.

We recommend 3 skin lighteners below that have very high user ratings, expert ratings, and skin bleaching results at an affordable price.

As of today, Meladerm has shown the best results for the consumers.

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