Palmer’s Fade Cream

Palmer’s Fade Cream
Treatment Rating:50.8 / 100
Patients Treated (est.):1,000 - 5,000
Success Rate*:38%
Rank Change:o
Active Ingredient:Hydroquinone (2%), Octyl Salicylate (3%)
Customer Rating:
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Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream Review

Palmer’s fade cream is a very successful skin lightening product and one that anyone suffering from melasma or any other form of darkening skin condition should try. This skin lightening cream has been created for the most oily skin complexions and therefore it can be used for any skin type for successful results.

The cream should be used once a day, in the morning or at night whichever you prefer and after just a few weeks of regular usage you should be able to notice a difference in the appearance of dark spots anywhere on your body where the cream was used.

Palmers skin fade cream has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of unwanted freckles, dark spots, age spots, scars and even just an uneven complexion.

Palmers fade cream has been created with a unique combination of essential vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy which is an ingredient which actually softens your skin’s texture and allows the skin lightening cream to get far beneath the surface to correct the problem areas of skin pigment.

Generally when you are suffering from unwanted dark skin spots or freckles this is because your skin is producing more than required amounts of Melanin and Palmer’s skin fade cream has been designed to slow this production and even out your skin pigment from the inside out.



  • Formulated to hydrate and moisturize your skin as well
  • Usage for all skin types especially oily skin
  • Visible, long term results within 6-8weeks
  • Can be used under makeup and existing skin care regimes
  • Available online and through retailers such as Target and Walgreens
  • An entire line of skin lightening care is available
  • Not tested on animals



  • Must be careful with sun exposure. SPF 15-30 should be worn at all times
  • Not completely all natural ingredients are used within this product
  • Must be used regularly for results
  • Results for extremely dark areas may not be as prominent as other dark skin spots or freckles


Active Ingridients:

Some of the most prominent ingredients found within the Palmers skin fade cream include: Mineral oil, Orange extract, Lemon extract, Corn oil, Sodium Sulfite, Sugar Cane extract as well as fragrance extracts. This is just a short list of ingredients but it is clear Palmer’s fade cream offers a combination of both chemical and natural properties to achieve their skin lightening formula.

Safety Precautions:

There are some warnings that do associate this product that every user should be aware of. Allergic reactions are possible with nearly every skin lightening product on the market today and what this means for you is to always test a small and inconspicuous area of skin before putting the cream all over your face.

Within 24 hours you will learn if your skin reacts negatively or positively to the formula. Sun exposure should be limited and although there is sunscreen within the Palmer’s fade cream formula already applying an extra SPF 30 over top of this and wearing protective clothing can only further protect your skin from future dark spots.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you will find the Palmers skin success fade cream effective within a short period of time but side effects can vary and should be monitored closely during the first week of usage.

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