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Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream Review

Palmer’s fade cream is a very successful skin lightening product and one that anyone suffering from melasma or any other form of darkening skin condition should try. This skin lightening cream has been created for the most oily skin complexions and therefore it can be used for any skin type for successful results.

The cream should be used once a day, in the morning or at night whichever you prefer and after just a few weeks of regular usage you should be able to notice a difference in the appearance of dark spots anywhere on your body where the cream was used.

Palmers skin fade cream has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of unwanted freckles, dark spots, age spots, scars and even just an uneven complexion.

Palmers fade cream has been created with a unique combination of essential vitamins and Alpha Hydroxy which is an ingredient which actually softens your skin’s texture and allows the skin lightening cream to get far beneath the surface to correct the problem areas of skin pigment.

Generally when you are suffering from unwanted dark skin spots or freckles this is because your skin is producing more than required amounts of Melanin and Palmer’s skin fade cream has been designed to slow this production and even out your skin pigment from the inside out.



  • Formulated to hydrate and moisturize your skin as well
  • Usage for all skin types especially oily skin
  • Visible, long term results within 6-8weeks
  • Can be used under makeup and existing skin care regimes
  • Available online and through retailers such as Target and Walgreens
  • An entire line of skin lightening care is available
  • Not tested on animals



  • Must be careful with sun exposure. SPF 15-30 should be worn at all times
  • Not completely all natural ingredients are used within this product
  • Must be used regularly for results
  • Results for extremely dark areas may not be as prominent as other dark skin spots or freckles


Active Ingridients:

Some of the most prominent ingredients found within the Palmers skin fade cream include: Mineral oil, Orange extract, Lemon extract, Corn oil, Sodium Sulfite, Sugar Cane extract as well as fragrance extracts. This is just a short list of ingredients but it is clear Palmer’s fade cream offers a combination of both chemical and natural properties to achieve their skin lightening formula.

Safety Precautions:

There are some warnings that do associate this product that every user should be aware of. Allergic reactions are possible with nearly every skin lightening product on the market today and what this means for you is to always test a small and inconspicuous area of skin before putting the cream all over your face.

Within 24 hours you will learn if your skin reacts negatively or positively to the formula. Sun exposure should be limited and although there is sunscreen within the Palmer’s fade cream formula already applying an extra SPF 30 over top of this and wearing protective clothing can only further protect your skin from future dark spots.

The Bottom Line

Overall, you will find the Palmers skin success fade cream effective within a short period of time but side effects can vary and should be monitored closely during the first week of usage.

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  1. Carlos G

    This cream has helped lighten the hyperpigmentation areas after a week. My complaint is that it caused redness and peeling on my sensitive skin after first applications. I’ve been using it 4 weeks and it’s the only product that works for me! So far, I’m pleased with the purchase.

  2. Charles Gomez

    Don’t work for me. I have some melasma spots from pregnancy. I have been using it for 2 weeks and none of spots lightened.

  3. Cheryl B

    Am prone to acne and post acne pigmentation. I hoped that this product would help, but it gave me breakouts the first day I used it. I think this product is too heavy for my skin. Maybe it’s a good product but not for me.

  4. Noemi M

    I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my back and I bought this product with hopes it will help my marks fade. I’m still in my first week of use, and I look foward to the results. All I want is clear skin.

    Overall Not Rated
  5. Mara

    Well, as for me I just started using the product, I am just in my first week and I hope that it will help. I used the FADE MILK not the CREAM but I hope it help.

  6. naomi

    I have used this product for hyperpigmentation from those dreaded breakouts and i am using it again for the same reason. I will say it’s a really great product but you must be consistent to see results. I consider myself dark and i saw improvements in a few weeks. Palmers have been around for years so i think they can be trusted.

    Overall Not Rated
  7. cat

    If you have oily skin you better stay away from this product. I tried several times to use it because I had friends who saw results. THey however, did not have oily skin such as myself. Im on tri luma it cost more but my skin is flawless in a matter of 2 weeks max! People will notice the results. Sometimes you have to pay a little more.

    Overall Not Rated
  8. I used this product for about two months because I have two toned skin. It ranges from lighter dark to problem areas that are very dark like around my my buttocks. This product started lightening my skin within two months because of the problem areas. Sometimes it takes patience to see the result dont give up right away.Your skin will eventually get the tone that its supposed to have.The Cocoa Butter Lotion also keeps my skin soft and keeps the stretchmarks at a minimum throughout my pregnancies.Just stay with the products for eventual lasting results.

    Overall Not Rated
  9. tiffarrrryyy

    I tried the palmer’s eventone fade cream for almost a week, 4 days, on my dark underarms and the results are AMAZING. my underarms are like into a lighter color than it was before by a lot so i would reccomend this. the cream’s scent is sorta pleasant? well, smells like Nair but it was pretty okay.. and it wasn’t that much.. round $6 and that’s a little bit to get results like this. :] and it works in a short period of time, just in time for a dance, wedding, or just so you can wear sleeveless and i think that there’s a new product from palmer’s called the serum.. heard it was pretty good, $12, and results in a week’s time.. but for me probably 2-3 days.. so good luck!

  10. Melissa

    I bought this creme and instantly had some much lighter spots under my arms. I’ve been using it regularly for a month though and that’s all I still have though >.< ! So my underarms even look even darker with the contrasted lighter spots.

    Overall Not Rated
  11. Jessica

    I developed hyperpigmentation pretty heavily on my forehead in the past year, and it made me very self-conscious. I could hide it under makeup, but it looked like I had a cloudy gray forehead, then- really attractive, no? There’s no way I can afford treatments, so in desperation I decided to try Palmer’s. I was doubtful that this inexpensive drugstore cream would work, but to my elation it did!! I’ve been using it consistently for three weeks, once a day, and the brown areas are almost unnoticeable even barefaced. I started seeing results after the first week. I am thrilled, and recommend this to anyone with this condition. I had absolutely no side effects, just put it on under my moisturizer. Thank you, Palmer’s!

  12. rachel

    i have used this product for about a 2 weeeks and i have seen dark spots fading and hyperpigmentation going away. My skin is smoother, softer, and is never dry. Its also brighter and i recommend it to anyone looking for a skin lightner, i will buy more in the future!!

  13. yeah is a great product it has really help me a lot but the problem is it contains hydroquinone which according to science it causes skin cancer so i personally think even thou its a great product and will definitely help you it will be killing you slowly

    Overall Not Rated
  14. Kathryn

    For the past few months I have been suffering from acne macules, red inflamed spots left from acne. They’re not scars but they last a while and made my face look completely red/inflamed on the cheeks. Within the first week I saw dramatic improvements and will continue to use this product. Unfortunately some areas on my face did get irritated and dry, but I will gladly suffer a few days in order for my face to clear up.

  15. i am so dissapointed in Dr Fred Palmers skin whiting cream i have used it for 20 years and since they have taken out the whiting , i started my daughters using the cream still no whiting, i always bought it at walgreens or the hair stores, in my day they had something like amonia mercury it worked when they took that out your cream was just another cream that don’t lightening anything on you. to this day i am still using and no results i just like to put something on my skin at night, after using for 20 years my skin should have lighten some where but no it has not. the price cganges but no change in the cream

  16. Michelle

    I’ve used Palmer’s for years and it works well for me-even with my oily skin. I use it nightly to ‘erase’ the dark spots left by acne. The secret (for me) is to use a thin layer of it ON the spot until it’s gone. If it takes a month or a year-so be it-I keep using it. My recent acne flare left two spots on my cheeks, one on the side of my nose and a few on the sides of my chin. Three months later, all the spots are gone except one spot on my cheek.

    Overall Not Rated
  17. Janelle

    I have been using the palmers cocoa butter for years now and haven’t seen no results as yet,i have dark marks on my skin cause from mosquitoes an i have started using the palmers fade milk an actually start seein some brightenin on my skin i use it twice a day an so far i am seein some results so im stickin to using it i think its a great product..

    Overall Not Rated
  18. Steff

    I really liked the serum versus the fade cream which left my oily skin a tad bit greasy. The fade cream worked well for a while but then it stopped working and began to burn/irritate my skin.

  19. Anon

    I LOVE this product. It has helped my skin like no other. I have acne scars all over my face and it has helped fade them almost completely away. I used Meladerm, which also helped significantly, but Palmers definitely had faster results.

    6$ over a 60.00 container, shoot! Thumbs up to Palmers :)

    Overall Not Rated
  20. Raye

    I have just started using the Dr. Palmers Fade Cream and Anti-Bacterial soap product and I can notice a slight lightening of the scars from slight mistakes to my skin and old scars. I have past acne scars and my hope is to be rid of those before Prom!!! It’ll be great and I’m confident!

    Overall Not Rated
  21. ann

    I have used Palmer’s fade cream off and on for years and it worked me. However, be monitor the cream’s effects on your skin. Sometimes my skin can be sensitive to the cream, that is when I will stop using it for awhile. But, it does take about four weeks to see results. Then you have to keep using it to see results.

    Overall Not Rated
  22. Ebony

    Oh, I’ve used Palmer’s fade cream off and on for decades, and was please with the product as well as the affordable price. I recently eased up on the usage after all of the alarming information surfacing about hydroquinone (sp?). I want to maintain flawless skin, but I don’t want to risk my health in doing so.
    Does it lightening dark skin? Absolutely! Is it worth the HQ risks? Maybe for some, but not for me. I’ve switched to “natural” skin lighteners.


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