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Obagi Clear Review

Obagi Nu Derm Clear has gained its popularity in the world beauty market. Aside from its complete skin care system, it has become well known for its eye and facial creams that claim to get rid of fine lines, dark circles and spots, rough skin caused by the damaging UV rays of the sun, acne and other signs of aging.

The Obagi Nu Derm System is a line of skin care products that treats many skin conditions and may also prevent occurrence of other skin problems. Obagi Nu Derm is used altogether as a routine system that fights acne, skin aging and some other skin related problems like skin bleaching.

The system has 7 products in it and all are designed to give major transformation to your skin. The skin is revitalized and renewed by repairing the skin cells and helps in the treatment of moderate to severe damaged skin.

The Obagi Nu Derm system components sometimes need prescription if you want to use the system correctly. Still you can purchase some non prescription elements yet the system would work best if it is used altogether.

How does Obagi Nu Derm Clear works?

The Obagi Nu Derm Clear is designed for skin resurfacing by using skin renewal. The treatment process will take care of your skin that will help in renewing your skin cells leaving your skin only nothing but beautiful and radiant. The Obagi Nu Derm system should be used for at least 6 weeks using it once a day so that maximum results will be observed. It is best to use the system for 3 full cycles that is 2 to 3 weeks apart during the 6 weeks.

Research on Obagi Nu Derm Clear suggests:

With the use of the Obagi Clear during the first 2 to 3 weeks several users have already experienced soreness, redness and even severe peeling. This is because of the skin renewal process taking that is taking place. The pain and redness is noticeable.

For those people who used the Obagi Nu Derm Clear without the assistance of the skin care professional was discouraged about the effects.

The use of the skin line proved that it needs assistance and side effects are also expected to occur during the whole duration of use of the product. A great deal of side effects was noted in the users review. Unexpected blisters and sores are really expected to occur. The product needs to be discussed thoroughly and medical assistance is needed. While some people may have experienced bad skin condition during the process in just a day, others have experienced it for weeks!


  • Long term results
  • Products are not easily purchased and so prescription medication is needed
  • The whole system is used altogether ensuring one product line use for an over all result


  • The user will experience an extremely disturbing facial alterations all throughout the use of the product
  • Blisters, soreness, redness, peeling and itching are expected to happen
  • The product has no money back guarantee
  • Since the system is used altogether it may be quite expensive
  • The need to seek professional and medical assistance before the use of the product can create another expense and can become a hassle on your part
  • Great results are not really guaranteed even if proper directions are followed

Side effects of Obagi Clear

During the first cycle of use, Obagi Clear can cause severe facial skin peeling, which can be very painful. The peeling also causes redness, dryness, blisters on the nasal folds, sores, itchiness and burning sensations. For this reasons, plenty of Obagi users give up using the product during the first weeks of use. Peeling of the skin can cause hyperpigmentation as well.

These side effects can be quite painful and uncomfortable during the first few weeks, so the use of this product requires some downtime.


The Obagi Clear Cream like any other skin lightening product would work for some and would not for others. What is discouraging about the product is that even if good results will be attained thereafter-which is still unsure- pain will still be experienced throughout the process. A skin care product line does not have to do let the user go through pain and redness during the process of skin renewal to achieve a fairer skin. Still it is not even guaranteed that after what has gone through, a better looking skin will be achieved.

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  1. liliyuan

    The almond polish was a little bit rough on my skin – it stung & left my skin quite red (and I don’t usually have sensitive skin). The lemon peel felt very nice and cooling after the scrub – went on easily & had a pleasant smell. Finally, the mask which is supposed to comfort the skin – was again very stingy and irritating for the first 10 or so mins – but then I think I got used to it and I didn’t notice anymore.

    Overall Not Rated

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