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Nur 76 Skin Lightening

Nur76 is quickly becoming a household name in the UK today as it is being marketed and broadcasted regularly on BBC news and throughout the online media markets as well. Nur76 prides itself on being a chemical free product and uses this angle in all their marketing campaigns.

Without the inclusion of Hydroquinone in its ingredient list the risk of side effects and allergic reactions goes down significantly.

Nur 76 has been designed as a skin lightening formula. It is said to reduce the appearance of freckles, age spots, sun spots, new and old scarring as well as uneven complexions. With the ability to remove hyper pigmentation, you can see the potential within this skin lightening formula.

Basically, Nur76 skin lightening creams use natural plant and herb extracts to reduce the production and spread of Melanin beneath your skin. Excess Melanin is what causes the pigment of your skin to change color and darken when exposed to the sun.

For some people this process is quick and there is no experience of dark spots just an even “tan”. But for others, there are uneven dark shades throughout the skin and it can weeks, months or even years for the skin to reduce the production of Melanin and its own; this is where Nur 76 does the work for your skin.

Nur76 Ingredients:

When considering using a new skin lightening product it is important to know exactly what is in the ingredient list so you are aware of what you are putting on your skin and the potential adverse effects that may go hand in hand with certain ingredients.

Nur76 skin lightening products use nothing but natural ingredients such as: Licorice, Bearberry, Kojic, Kiwi extracts; Vitamin C, Tyrosinase enzymes and Arbutin complex.

The last ingredient mentioned here not only reduces the appearance of dark skin areas but also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles making Nur 76 an all-in-one skin care regiment.



  • All natural ingredients
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Includes UVA/UVB sunscreens to further protect your skin
  • Works on any skin type, even sensitive skin
  • Safe on all parts of the body because dark spots do not only appear on our faces
  • Can provide an even texture as well as complexion
  • Free delivery
  • Can be used during pregnancy



  • Only available online
  • Can take up to 90days to see results
  • Avoid contact with eyes, irritation can occur.


Nur76 Side Effects:

If Nur76 does get into your eyes wash them out immediately to avoid permanent damage

Because of the all natural ingredients within this skin lightening product there are very few side effects to mention here which is an excellent feature in a skin lightening product.

Although every skin type is different, skin irritations can occur and if you notice this, contact your physician immediately to be examined thoroughly.

Nur76 does not test their product on animals and no animal extracts have been used to create this product either.


The bottom line for this skin lightening skin care regiment is that it takes a bit longer to work than other products but you are not putting your skin and health at risk by putting harsh chemicals on your body.

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  1. faith

    plssssssssssssss. i beg everyone, i spent nearly 300 pounds on this product. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!! Its a waste of money. stay away for ur own good. i cant even give it a one star cos it doesnt deserve it

    Overall Not Rated
  2. puja







    Overall Not Rated
  3. zayed

    OMGGGG!!! can’t people just suppy a demand!! why con us??
    if they would just make genuwine products I wouldn’t mind payin for ittt!!!!!

  4. TISH


    Overall Not Rated
  5. Florence

    I bought these products and tried them for about a month. They feel really good but sadly my skin just didn’t take to them. I contacted Sam at Nur76 and his Customer Service was really good. I would say, these work for some people and not for others, sadly there’s no way on knowing before spending quite a bit of money but worth a try!

    Overall Not Rated
  6. tia

    OMG i cant believe this…..i was going to waste my money for this waste…….thank u guys for your suggestion… i’m completely aware and want my friend to be aware with this…….

    Overall Not Rated
  7. Billie

    Thank God i came across these reviews, as i always read reviews on any products before i purchase it. Having read these reviews, i wont be purchasing these products anymore.

    Overall Not Rated
  8. Hamugarce

    Please never ever use this product if you have to earn your money through going to wrk. I t does no work at all. There is no refund it’s all a bloody lie. SCAMMMMMM
    Dont fall in the same trap as myself please

    Overall Not Rated
  9. Budgie

    Well i had used body lightening lotion for a week but however my skin started to burn,itchy and gets very heaty and ended up getting red spots on my arm and cheeks

    Overall Not Rated
  10. Irene

    DO NOT BUY..Gave me terrible breakouts now i dont kno wat cream to use again…

    Overall Not Rated
  11. ROX

    i am so glad i have read these reviews, i nearly took the plunge and was going to order after spending several hours of research on the internet looking for a product to lighten the pigmentation on my cheeks, thank god i didnt bother to fall in this trap like many others.. by the way i have had 7 laser treatments and these have not worked either! any advice on my condition will be very welcomed.

    Overall Not Rated
  12. It is a complete waste of money. Fraude, a big fraude. It does not work.

    Overall Not Rated
  13. seema

    i tried thid cream didnt work at all..even i got pimples as well..

    Overall Not Rated
  14. carol

    i regret not listening to customer reviews this cream doesn’t work at all, it’s overprised with lots of false promises of free cream and refund, don’t believe all that please please do not be a victim like me

    Overall Not Rated
  15. Anyone, who plans on buying NUR76 please don’t. I tried it myself, the advanced formula, didn’t do anything but make it worse. It clogged my pores. The creams might work to reduce coloring under your eyes but it does not work for the face. You are better off buying Olay whitening products. When i asked to send for a refund, after 90 days no one got back to me, I emailed them several times, but no answer. It’s a scam, you are just wasting your money. sorry folks :(

    Overall Not Rated

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