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Makari Products are created by Makari Skin Care Products, a skin care line that’s aimed for
ethnic skin. The product line promises to lighten skin, keep it smooth, supple and firm. The
product line also claims to lighten any dark skin by five shades within three month’s time.

What Are The Ingredients And How Does It Work?

Makari makes use of active ingredients that are all natural such as bearberry extract and licorice
which works to limit melanin production on the skin. It also employs the use of lactic acid and
glycolic acid which break down the dead skin cells that cover the surface in order to let the
newer skin emerge.

Makari cream does not contain any hydroquinone or harsh chemicals such
as mercury, allowing users to use it either for a short term or long term use. The product also
contains caviar and vegiclairine as its active ingredient. Caviar keeps the skin smooth and
supple while vegeclairine, on the other hand is a natural bleaching agent that whitens skin after
continuous use.

The product should be applied on the skin twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.
Results will start to show within two to four weeks, but it may take around three months before
the skin begins to lighten by as much as five shades.

Makari Cream Pros:

  • Only natural ingredients were used to create each product
  • There are acne fighting skin brightening products to fight both skin problems simultaneously
  • Permanent effects and results
  • It also promises to work with 2

    to 4 weeks, which is quite quick in comparison to other skin lightening products

Makari Cream Cons:

  • The product is not recommended for all skin types
  • The fish protein in the product may cause
    skin breakouts
  • Dry skin may benefit from the cream but people with oily skin may have a

    problem when it comes to the moisture and oil content of the product
  • People who are allergic
    to sea products may also have allergic reactions while using Makari face cream because it

    contains caviar extract.
  • Not recommended to mix with other skin care products
  • 30 day refund only if product is unused and still in original packaging

Makari Cream Side Effects

Aside from breakouts experienced by a number of product users, there have been no other
documented side effects of Makari. But before making a final decision about the product we recommend to read carefully comments submitted by users.

As a user it is recommended that one be careful when using
the product. A skin test should be done to determine if the product is suitable and does not
cause any side effects on the skin.

Although Makari states there are no side effects it is always recommended to test any one of their lotions on a small area of inconspicuous skin to avoid any large areas of irritation should a reaction occur.

Makari De Suisse Products Conclusion

So, does Makari Face Cream work for you? The answer really depends, as it does work for
other people. The catch, however, is that it may not be suitable for you. It’s a bit expensive
for a skin lightening cream, so if it doesn’t work, then you will have to go though the hassle
of returning the product.

There are plenty of other skin lightening products in the market that
lighten the skin without making it break – out, which you might want to try instead of Makari.

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  1. tsuki

    I’m glad that I thought to search the internet to look for reviews of Makari products as I was planning to purchase some of the products in the line. I do believe that you all have a legitimate class-action suit in the making if steroids are indeed ingredients in these products as one reviewer claimed she was told by her Dr. Documentation of your injuries and analyses of the products ingredients need to be done as the physical injuries and emotional trauma that Makari has caused many needs to be addressed and restitution made to all. It’s hard to believe that a company such as this would knowingly deceive it’s customer base. My sympathies to you all . . .

    Overall Not Rated
  2. Lai

    I agree with most comment about makari initial beautiful result with a following horrible aftermath such as serious breakout, very black knuckles and endless complaints. It happened to every one that used it that i know. truth is patience is important with a true skin lightener and possibly true dedication to usage too which i think most people who want to lightening do not have. opt for a milder skin lightener, be patient and diligent with it and really, it ain’t about how light, it is about how great and incredible your skin looks always…

    Overall Not Rated
  3. Ego

    i have experienced all the said symptons but it proves to be the only cream that doesnt dry my skin. i was using clear essence fade cream that dries up my skin like harmattan sun,right i alternate i use the xofliating soap and whitening milk or the soap with my clear essence,until i find another that will do the job like makari if not am on it.( is clinique good)

    Overall Not Rated
  4. Herika

    I should have checked out the reviews b/4 starting this product. One thing I confident about is the zero customer service. Makari customer service is so bad, it is outrageous. They will lose a customer that spends $150 a month on the makari product for $10 coupon. The advertisements and promotions are all false. What is the use of giving me a 5% coupon that I can not combine with a sale product…Even if the product is okay, with that poor customer service, I will not recommend the product to anyone trial because you are stuck with it. I can not stand money hungry, non caring and rude sellers of product. Overall, Makari sucks…

    Overall Not Rated
  5. Keiki

    I used the makari hand and body lotion for a long time and really it did absolutely nothing for my face. I started off with mary kay miracle set which also did nothing for me.Now I’m using the body beautifying milk and I think I will have an alternative cream handy so as soon as I get to the shade I want and my dark spots even out,I will alternate the two. I think sunscreen will help too. God help me o!

    Overall Not Rated
  6. Diane

    Makari is NOT for everyone and all skin types. Here’s my experience with the product.

    When I first started using Makari (body milk), it had amazing results. I mean AMAZING. My skin was completely flawless. This is coming from a person so has suffered from very mild acne and breakouts since my teenage years and I just turned 23. I used it for about a year and it was just amazing I can’t stress that enough. It changed my complexion completely (which is not what i wanted) but I was only looking for something to even out my blemsishes. Well after while, my skin around the jaw line toward my ears started to break out ALL the time. Painful bumps. My hair is fairly long so I would hide it that way. That was just the beginning. After awhile, my skin took a turn for the worse. Breakouts EVERYWHERE that would not respond to any blemish/acne cream and my skin got 3 shades darker. I honestly went into a state of depression because it happened so fast and there was NOTHING i could do about it. SO i stopped using it and in about 3 weeks, I started to get my original color back and the breakouts were controlled by Tretinoin cream .025%.

    Bottom Line: This product works wonders for a short while with devastating effects in the end.

    Overall Not Rated
  7. Tayo

    I disagree with the beauty tips and all those advising to use the full Makari range to get the best result. I started with the lotion and it was fantastic. For about four months I had the most beautiful skin in the world. My skin was light, glowing , flawless and every other disciption you can give a desired skin.

    Because of my satisfaction with the Makari product, I decided to order for the full makari range online. Their were packages for difference skin types and problems and I invested about $600 on Makari because of my excitement. But that was the beginning of my nightmare. As soon as I started using this my new order from their website, my skin started getting darker. Initially I thought it was my skin that had issues so I gave a couple to friends who uses Makari to try. But it was the same complaint. I had to give out all the products. My verdict! 0 rating. Not good at all

    Overall Not Rated
  8. michelle

    This was the second lightening product I tried after using meladerm. As I saw no results with meladerm and this had excellent reviews within my ethnic group I felt-why not. I had beautiful clear skin before using Makari. After using these skin products-I had to see a dermatologist. I had a serve acne breakout-the first in my life!!!! I had pimples and normal hormonal bits through pregnancy but nothing that scarred or damaged my skin. After using these products, I had to begin with several sessions of microdermabrasions, then several jessener peels across over a period of time and miraculously my dermatologist was able to have my skin where it once was (it took me nearly a year and a half). Now, as I commented on my other review, I use a natural brand product that lighten what few scars and spots I had left within three weeks of using it and costs half the price than Makari and other brands charge. Please, do your research and truly test all products before placing yourself in a situation I was in. The question to ask is the cure worse than the issue! No lightening results, severe acne flare up which caused me to have low self-esteem and an extend-cost to cure-I would never recommend this product to be used on anything or one!!!!!

    Overall Not Rated
  9. isi

    i also had all this problems
    now i am saving up to get a laser spot removl done on my face. i look so horrible after using makari product which initially did the job. i think the product is got strong lighten stuff in it that they dont tell the consumers. i regret using the product

    Overall Not Rated
  10. Thessy

    I have used the body milk and sometimes the night cream for over 2yrs now with no problem. However recently I ordered a new set of body milk and started using and to my horror I started having severe breakout all over my face especially my jaw line instantly! I didn’t want to believe it so I stopped using for awhile, and my face cleared up in a few days, but as soon as I started back up again, all hell broke loose again!
    Unfortunately, the customer service does not help either! Its BAD! I mean BAD! The lady Baila does not care whether they loose you as a customer or not and actually makes you feel she is doing you a favor talking to you over the phone! For the customer service I’ll give them -10 Terrible, Horrible, Terrible, Horrible especially with this lady i mentioned above. Talking to her and explaining your situation is very painful and will only frustrate you because she does NOT care and I’m told she makes all the decisions!

  11. tolu

    i have been using makari for a while and i have figured it out…when it comes to the summer months it is best to stick to makari night cream which you can apply just before you go to bed..this means less sun rays and dust on your face which reduces the chance of getting darker or the product not working. Also if you are going out in the day and you wear makeup use the makari skin toner wait until your face is dry then apply your makeup. The nite cream and the toner are the best things that have worked for me

  12. Diana


  13. Vanessa

    Wow, I was desperate so I found Makari while searching aimlessly on the internet. I have to say that I am shallow and aim for perfection when it comes to appearances. My skin is average with a few pimples, but overall smooth, soft skin. I just wanted to become a few shades lighter and have an even, brighter skin tone. Now after reading the reviews, I am thankful that I didn’t waste my money. It’s clear Makari can not deliver those results and in fact makes the outcome much worse than imagined. I’m a very risky person and I didn’t take the risk (that should tell you something)!!!!
    PS, the testimonials by the people on the makari website are actors and I doubt that they even used the product themselves. They just wanted a quick buck and didn’t care about the customer’s well being. This goes for the company as well!!!!

    PEOPLE STAY AWAY!!!! (I guarantee you that this product will soon be banned, don’t be a victim, be smart like I was)

    Overall Not Rated
  14. Mandy

    I just bought makari and im scared to use it because of the comments i am reading now.

    Overall Not Rated
  15. itunes

    first of all, its good to read reviews before getting on with the excitement of using a skin whitener. I agree to some comments about all skin types not being the same and hence differnt results, I also agree with moderation and understanding how to blend the product (which is still mostly based on skin type, u may blend or use sparingly or wisely and still have bad results. However on the whole, a whole product range cannot have such bad reviews if there’s nothing fundamentally wrong, why don’t we have any issues with the vaseline, neutrogena or jergens and all the other product lines we’ve grown to know. it’s our bid for perfection which drives us to these funny products that did not reach full maturity in the laboratory to deal with identified side effects before being released to the market. anyway my advice is to steer clear of makari and dont risk losing your skin however average you think it is. We know of longterm effects of hydroquinone products as cancer because of mercury, but we are yet to discover that of Makari that contains steroids and claim to be natural- natural products usually pose no threat- these stuff are full of chemicals. As an environmentalist, I recommend shear butter, lots of water, coconut oil, and all the likes as well as bit of the regular skincare products you are confident in and have seen full reviews and referrals.Remember no skin is perfect you just have to be comfortable in your own. Makari deserves 0 rating.

    Overall Not Rated
  16. anne

    i must say something most people overlook
    1.when u want to alter your natural skin condition due to pimples,acne,or for the sake of a lighter shade,u must see a dermatologist,dont just walk into any shop and by a product because u read a review of how good it is.
    infact reading too many reviews may leave u confused as they will always be the neg and positive ones
    unless u have tried a product u cant afford to listen to what people say but again,
    the skin is delicate u cant afford to try everythin on it
    again when trying something new let the skin recover from the previous product ,otherwise u may be doing damage to ur skin…..think of wearing a shoe on a shoe…gats to take one off
    nevr be in a hurry any skin lightening product that lightens u up too quickly is definitely harmful.
    sunscreen is important,exfoliation is vital,if ur gonna lighten up,dont go cheap they are hazardous ,dont go too expensive they could be a rip off
    above all ,just listen to ur skin and love yourself

    Overall Not Rated
  17. I only pity you ladies who tried to get 2 or 3 shades lighter, for what? Men, confidence? What? Take it from me, nothing is worth the natural layer of your skin. Pity you guys have to spend lots of money to learn what happens when the chips are down.
    My strict advice for those who are asking what to do to save the day is that get good soap like olay for sensitive skin, then palmers cocoa butter lotion, and perfectil skin tablets. Use this for a while and watch your skin get better.
    I’m just embittered about what you are going thru and it hurts that you can allow this Makari do this to you.if anyone wants to lighten,you can use bodyshop vit C range, they are gentle and natural.MAKARI is a bleach! Run Run Run!!! Goodluck

    Overall Not Rated
  18. jpsh

    BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have spent the past month indoors because of makari.

    The only thing i am grateful for is the fact that i get sick pay. Makari worked wonders last year when i tried it for the first time. However after about two months of using it i started getting rashes on my forehead which would not shift. I later broke out in serious acne which was just embarassing.

    After months of using c+ aha to get my skin to peel in order to reduce the scarring i stupidly decided to go back on makari night cream AGAIN just to give my face a bit of brightness.

    Now, here i am, sat in my prison of a living room writing this review, having painfully spent the past 4 weeks on skinoren and differen acne cream prescribed by my gp who said i now have a skin infection on my face.

    Have stopped seeing the guy i was dating cos i am so ashamed of the holes on my face and the dark patches & scars.

    I got the courage to wax my face a bit today to reduce the hair that have suddenly taken over my face too. I believe makari caused the hairiness too.

    I am sooooooooooooo upset makari has literally robbed me of so many months of my life.

    Chicken pox scars are no match for the scars Makari will leave if you dont stop using it NOW!!

    Overall Not Rated
  19. Viv

    All who condemned makari have not really used the product.may be you have not finish the story of how u use your creams.over usage ,mixture,expired,bad supermarket known for fake products is a no no no.may be i ve to send my pics for u to see the wonder of makari lotion and soap for three years now

  20. Ronke

    I will advice people NEVER to use makari. I am naturally light skinned and I had no desire to be lighter. I went to the spa to have a facials and the owner of the Spa introduced Makari to me. Never heard of it before then. She told me it would give me a glow and that I should buy only the night cream since I didn’t want to change my skin tone. Initially, it actually gave me a glow but after about a month of using it, I decided to stop because my face had become much lighter than my body. That is when my nightmare began. My face became very dark, darker than my normal skin tone and I looked sick. After one year, I am only beginning to get over the effect of Makari on my face.

    Overall Not Rated
  21. Nana

    Makari is a good product, you just have to limit the exposure of sun which is the greatest enemy to our body.

  22. Naija finest

    Nigerians generally helped MAKARI grow. 80% of the commentators are nigerians, home and abroad.
    Ladies, there are other simpler products with no unnecessary promises, and they give you a beautiful glow. If you have so much money to spend, why not try shiseido white lucent or sisley products. they work but not abruptly, and you get value for your money.


  23. dell

    i’ve used makari on and off for about two years now.The secret to makari is MODERATION!!!!!!
    I buy one body beautifying milk and apply lightly fo about three months on whole before it runs out. I do not mix products and i have never had any problems.
    Summer time, wait for few weeks without lotion and start applying the anti uv whiteneing cream on my hands and areas exposed to sunlight and use a mild lotion like cetaphil for the other parts of my body.
    When i want to switch back to the body beautifying milk, i wait for about two weeks before i try any other makari product. My skin is supptle and fresher as always. The only time my knuckles changes colour is in the winter time when i use too much hot water, which naturally burns my skin.
    makari is a great product if used in moderation.
    Remeber , your skin is also very sensitive, so don’t just swich products on it. Care for it.
    i give four stars, because though live customer service is poor, i always have had great response from the email team.

  24. Bilkisu Adamu

    I used Makari De suisse, clear acnyl. i thought it made me darker so i stopped. i just wanted something that will clear my acne an give me beautiful skin without changing my colour. it did not . i was disappointed in it. i am never using my money to buy it again.


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