Lumedia Facial Brightener

Lumedia Facial Brightener Reviews

As we grow older, our skin loses transparency and the ability to reflect pink tones, giving us a duller complexion. Lumedia Facial Brightener targets age spots, and is also designed to generally brighten the face. It is free of hydroquinone and uses a combination of pigment-lightening agents that are supposed to create an immediate glow, and reduce the appearance of dark areas, melasma and freckles, in a few weeks.

It is also designed to reduce skin discoloration, spots, and smoothen out blotches and patchy skin tones. According to manufacturers Bremenn Research Labs, Lumedia Facial Brightener also helps restore skin clarity and imparts a youthful glow to your complexion.

Plus, it is free of hydroquinone, which means your skin is spared quite a few harmful chemical side effects.

For the record, hydroquinone has been reported to possess carcinogenic properties, and has been banned in some countries. In the US, the ingredient is under FDA inspection, and the jury is still out on the verdict.

Lumedia Facial Brightener Ingredients And How They Work

You are supposed to apply Lumedia Facial Brightener no more than twice a day, gently massaging it into the skin until it is completely absorbed. The immediate effect of this is that your skin looks and feels smoother and younger, with a subtle radiance.

The main problem about Lumedia Facial Brightener ingredients is that not all of them — specially the cosmetic ingredients — are listed on the pack, which is a prime FDA requirement. It lists its active ingredient as lumenase-3HF concentrate. However, the FDA needs to allow an ingredient to be listed as ‘active’ when it is used in over-the-counter preparations, and Lumedia is not in that category. Besides, there’s no further information regarding this ingredient, so there’s no way of knowing what it does.

There are a whole lot of other very technical ingredients, listing which would be of no use to the common user, though none of them are known to have long-lasting side effects. However, the base formula for Lumedia Facial Brightener is a drying, alcohol-based agent, and one of the preservatives that it contains (methylisothiazolinone) is not meant for use in leave-on products because it can act as a skin irritant.


  • Easy and convenient online and retail purchasing
  • Results visible almost immediately
  • Absence of the harsh chemical hydroquinone


  • Absence of complete list of ingredients and use of unknown ingredients
  • Negative feedback from numerous users, specifically regarding skin-whitening properties
  • Too expensive
  • Potentially irritating for skin

Lumedia Facial Brightener Side Effects

Though there are no clinical proofs yet, Lumedia Facial Brightener has caused irritation on many skin types. It is not recommended for use in persons below 18 years of age, and since the packaging does not contain a complete list of ingredients, there may be potential side effects of which we are still unaware.


For its extremely high price, Lumedia Facial Brightener simply does not deliver the goods, particularly since it claims to address so many problems at one go. Usually, it ends up delivering only half of what it promises.

Incidentally, Lumedia Facial Brightener is from the same company that manufactured the supposedly dark circle-erasing product Hylexin. Among the other companies in the group is Klein-Becker, maker of StriVectin-SD, which made similarly OTT claims and issued misleading ads, and which stopped only when the FDA got on its tail.

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