Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Soap

Likas Papaya Soap Reviews

Likas Papaya Soap is an organic and herbal soap that promises to lighten the color of the skin. It is a local product from the Philippines, and is the first one to hit the market using papaya as the main whitening ingredient.

Papaya has been copied by numerous products but still remains the top selling papaya whitening soap in the Philippines. It has recently just made waves around the world and is now available in other countries in Asia, the United States and several countries in Europe. It also promises to eliminate acne on the skin, lighten pigmentation and dark marks such as acne marks, freckles, sun spots and the like.

Likas Papaya Soap Ingredients and How Does It Work?

Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Soap is made from 100% organic herbs. The most potent component is of course papain extract, which is one of the most popular natural whitening components known to man. Papain extract is basically a natural enzyme that promotes rapid skin cell renewal and turnover of cells. Thus, it is very effective in the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Papain also has restorative properties on the skin.

It also contains other herbal ingredients that keep the skin moisturized and smooth. Likas papaya promises to lighten skin in as little as two weeks. It also promises to effectively fight mild acne and eliminate dark marks or hyperpigmentation left by acne.

The product should be used on the body and on the face every day in replacement of the usual facial wash and body soap. Likas papaya should be lathered on the skin for at least three to five minutes daily before it is washed off.


One good thing about Likas Papaya Skin Whitening soap is that it uses all natural ingredients. It does not contain hydroquinone or any artificial bleaching agent. At the same time, the soap is very affordable, as it simply costs around $3 – 5 per 135 grams of soap. This orange soap has a very mild smell that plenty of people love. It is also available online, and from a variety of Chinese, Filipino or Asian specialty stores.


While Likas papaya does enhance the skin’s appearance within several weeks of use, the results are simply minimal. Users who have expected dramatic skin lightening have certainly ended up disappointed. While some people have experienced an improvement on the way they look, numerous users who have used the product have complained about not experiencing any results at all – even after using the product for several months.

While it may lighten the overall appearance of the skin, the soap may have a hard time eliminating marks where melanin is concentrated. This includes sun spots, hyperpigmentation marks and the like. Some users have also experienced tightening of the skin and mild skin peeling or dryness, while some have experienced acne outbreaks.

Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects of the product. However, it is recommended to do a patch test or a skin test in order to rule out any allergic reactions.

Likas Papaya Soap Conclusion

The Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Soap promises to whiten the skin, however, the effects of the product fall short of its promises. Plenty of users have been left disappointed because of the product’s failure to deliver its promise.

At its best, Likas Papaya is cheap and easy to use, but then again, it is a complete waste of time, especially if it is the only product relied on for skin whitening. While it may be a good supplement for any whitening treatment, it cannot be relied alone to whiten the skin or the body.

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  1. Julia

    I used Likas Papaya soap for about a week and had to stop using it. Unfortunately it make my skin red and itchy which was too bad as I liked the soap. It has a mild scent and was not very drying. I think it’s a good soap if you are not sensitive to it.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m a female with mixed races, but I am mostly Filipino and this soap works really great. My skin is fair and sensitive w/freckles, and it reduce the tone of the freckles and also evened out the blotches I had on my face. I believe EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, so it will probably not work for everyone — as everyone have different reviews and different effects.

  3. waslikasuser

    this review is no more true for the new productions of likas papaya soap… i have been using this soap since 2003 and i found it to be very good.. not until last or last two years there are lot of this fake kinds.. and i have been searching for original soap since i found that i have been using fake soap from the trusted outlet i used to buy..i tried buying from different locations and tried the soap… there are no difference as regard to the color, packing etc… and i usually bought them from mercury drug store since their purchase are directly from the producer of likas papaya… i have observed that the soap where no more as effective as their old brand…
    based from my experience, after washing ur face using likas papaya, you will feel the tightening of your face, as if you are having a “FACE LIFT” it is because it closes your pores on your skin if not mistaken a so called exfoliation effect… aside from that, pimples and black heads are not a problem.. after washing your face before bedtime, you will find your pimples or blackheads dried out the following morning… and most of all, a continuous use of this soap makes your skin flawless…
    but just lastyear or more than a year now,, likas papaya has i think changed the ingredient of the soap… the new kind of likas papaya, which packing and scent(no scent) has no difference compare to the old one, has disappointing results…
    after using this soap on your face it will whiten your face, but has to exfoliation effect.. the whitening of your face after washing is somewhat due to some (white)ingredients that sticks to your face, wich will just disappear after some hours in a day… unlike with the continuous us of original(old brand) likas papaya which makes your skin looks healthy white and glows even under the sun,, the new likas papaya simply makes your skin dry and your whiteness does not glow… it simply makes your skin look PALE…
    with my used of the original brand, my skin looks healthy white, glows, and pinkish…
    but with the use of the new likas papayas, i never had them anymore… it simply make my skin pale, leaving something that stick on your skin uppermost layer, and it even causes rashes on my skin..
    so, the question here is: are this fake likas papaya that i happened to use? or are they the new likas papaya now? with new ingredient..?
    i am convinced with my own experience that this likas papaya on the market now are made up of different ingredient as the old one… i myself bought samples from different places in the philippines (gensan, cebu, manila) and all of them have the same disappointing effect…
    so i conclude likas papaya is no more that effective..a counterfeit .. they took advantage of their established name and shift to maybe cheaper ingredients while increasing the price in the market…the original cost of the papaya i used to buy was only 43pesos, until in increases slowly up to 77pesos today while decreasing its efficiency..
    so before buying this papaya soap… you have to think if not twice, think thrice.

    Overall Not Rated
  4. Rainiie

    Likas Papaya soap was My holy Grail until thief ingredients changed!!!!
    The scent changed too….
    sigh…. well I’d better get ready to be Tan again…..
    at first when I recently bought one bar I thought I bought an old one they put out. so I went back and bought another one and it’s the exact same thing.
    I couldn’t believe it…
    I wish they’d change It back…
    because that soap changed my life..

  5. pipakate

    OMG!!! waslikasuser and Rainiie… I really don’t wanna believe both of you because it pains me so much to read about what you said. I have used Likas papaya since like, really soon after the first time it was out in the market, I’ve used it since 1996 and as of this posting,(2011) I am still using it. Imagine, 15 years!

    all those 14 yrs were my happiest years because i had received compliments about my skin and of course my supposed beauty. Really before using Likas Papaya, i was just a plain jane, never got noticed by boys, never got compliments and never turned heads. But when I started using Likas, it all magically changed for me.GRADUALLY.
    like I said, 14 years. ( I say 14 yrs. You’ll know later in this post) Before Likas, I am actually slightly, only slightly fair skinned, but not white. After Likas, slowly over those 14 years, I was transformed, my skin started to become fairer, glowing, flawless lookig pinking white. I never in my wildest dreams, thought I would ever be noticed and branded as pretty. Because naturally I was slightly fair skinned and I kind of have the chinese/korean look, but I’m Filipino, both parents are Filipino. So imagine how when my skin transformed, I was noticed and branded by fellow Filipinos as pretty. As most Filipinos would agree, Filipinos’ idea of beauty is having clear, flawless white skin, never mind the wide nose, never mind the short stature. As long as a Filipina’s skin is white, that Filipina will fall somewhere between just cute and hands-down beautiful. And,most Filipinos fancy the chinese chinita / koreana look. So there, I enjoyed being on top of the pedestal UNTIL NOW.

    Like you waslikasuser, I noticed the soap is no longer as effective and my skin no longer white. Like you Rainiie I am now psyching myself up to accept my new image, more like being back to my original god-given image as Me the plain-jane, now slightly TANNED because I had gotten older, much older. and I thought it really was just my Age, you know, that the soap is now giving up on my skin because my skin has undergone the inevitable process of changing coz it is AGING.

    Now that I’ve read both your posts, that you are saying that Likas Papaya has changed its main ingredients that for years gave us that flawless-looking skin, my heart is just crushed, sank to my stomach. I will now never be called pretty again.

    Using Likas papaya this year made my skin rough, tan and just plain DULL. no trace at all of the previous glow I enjoyed many years.

    waslikasuser and Rainiie, how true is it, how sure are you both about Likas’ changing ingredients??? pls tell me! this news is really depressing me. Right now I am praying that what you both said are not true, even though I personally noticed the loss of efficacy of the soap. It just really saddens me. Pls you both, if you both have a chance, pls reply to my post, this post, and let me know how you got hold of the information that Likas has indeed changed its ingredient, and is now just taking advantage of its brand as a previously magically effective product. Pls!! thanks!

    And to others, yeah, do think twice about buying the product. It is so expensive now, it still has some effect, some exfoliating effect, but as for the whitening effect, im just not sure, i don’t know what to think anymore, I thought it was just me getting older, but then after waslikasuser and Rainiie’s posts, Im now at a loss for a logical explanation.

  6. lorein

    i am using several kinds of soap but i am not satisfied bcauz some of them failed their promises that i will have brighter skin but i wasn’t, then i found out likas it is quite effective to my body but us usual no one is perfect it makes my face rough and dry so i change…

    Overall Not Rated
  7. MickV

    i used this soap for 6 months. just to see if it works. but it does nothing for your color. just dries the skin out! :(

  8. kuriyuri

    January 8 2012
    Yeah I think “waslikasuser” is most likely correct becuse I used likas once a long time ago and I had such great results! My skin became much lighter and was glowing. It worked really well. I recently started using likas again after 4 years or so and only near my arm pits I developed a rash and was very itchy. I’m so disappointed. I’m sure that they became greedy like all those companies do once they start making big money. They raise their cost and added poor quality ingredients. I’m more worried if the soap is even natural anymore. That was what I admired most about it. Maybe they added some kind of cheap chemical or unatural ingredients that’s causing this rash I have. It’s true that when I use it today, my skin just looks pale looking. No glow. Hopefully one day they will change their ingredients back if they see that their consumers are unhappy with the change.

  9. michie

    actually it really has no side effects but all of skin whitening soaps makes our melanin thinner thus lessen our protection to sunlight radiation..

    Overall Not Rated

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