Fair and White Products

Fair and White Products
Treatment Rating:56.1 / 100
Patients Treated (est.):5,000 - 10,000
Success Rate*:43%
Rank Change:+1
Active Ingredient:Body Clearing Milk, Maxi Tone, Cream Milk Extreme Hydration
Customer Rating:
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Fair and White Products Review

The Fair and White products is a skin care product line made and managed by the Labo Derma Company. This company is based in France. Fair and White is often expensive and hard to obtain. The Fair and White Skin care product line is internationally recognized and is predominantly customized to cater the ethnic skin needs. It also claims to be excellent in toning your skin and along with that removes your skin blemishes. The product promises to help the appearance of brown spots to be lightened and to also safely smooth your skin tone. It also promises to make your skin fairer than ever.

How does Fair and White Products work?

The Fair & White products are the Body Clearing Milk, Maxi Tone, Cream Milk Extreme Hydration, Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lightening Lotion, Lightening and Moisturizing Body Lotion AHA-2, and Exclusive Body Lotion. These are just some of the ideal Fair and White products that all works for the betterment of your skin.

The Body Clearing Milk is a moisturizer that makes your skin silky smooth and also clearer. It is recommended for lightening dark spots probably caused by skin ageing, sun exposure, scars, and or pregnancy..

The Maxi Tone is another Fair and White product that contains an ingredient for removing pigments making the targeted areas lighter than ever.

The Cream Milk Extreme Hydration wishes to make your skin supple and smooth. It tends to dehydrated skins plus it contains Shea butter that has nourishing and regenerating properties. It also contains glycerin that preserves your youthful appearance.

The Aloe vera Moisturizing lightening lotion has an Aloe Vera that repairs damaged and dry skin. It claims to have best results when used daily after bath leaving your skin smoother and visibly clearer.

The Lightening and Moisturizing Body Lotion AHA-2 contains hydroquinone that inhibits production of tyrosinase. It also promises to reduce blemishes without irritating the skin and will keep your skin hydrated.

The Exclusive Body Lotion has a delicate fragrance and is creamy and rich in texture leaving your skin with a fruity feel. It claims to help diminish spots and blemishes in the skin.

Research on Fair & White products suggest:

Based on unbiased consumer feedback posted online and other comments, Fair and White products are found to be ineffective in fully treating your skin irregularities and other skin problems. Skin ageing, age spots, blemishes and uneven skin tone were not treated even after use of the products. Not only that, the users have complained that the product is really expensive but the results are not that amazing or impressive. Not only that, because the moisturizers and lotions have a greasy feel after use which disappointed users.


  • All the products of Fair & White are made for all skin types
  • It can easily be purchased online or in the market
  • Especially made for all ethnicities


  • It is very expensive
  • Not all products have satisfied the customers based on effectiveness
  • No money back guarantee
  • Even after prolonged use of the product, maximum results are barely recognized

Side effects of the Fair and White Products:

Although it claims to be made for all skin types, the Fair and White products may cause some allergic reactions to some of the user. Some of these allergic reactions may include acne breakouts, redness and irritation to the skin. Some users have also experienced initial lightening of the skin, but then found their skin to darken gradually after a couple months of continuous use. The use of Fair and White products and the combination of sunlight exposure can also cause hyperpigmentation.


Just like the many other product line who promises to give solution to your skin problems, the Fair and White is not that satisfactory. This is based on the results of the research and feedback of the users even after directions have been followed. Maybe some products have made minor changes to the already lighter skin type, however to the darker ones, major results were never observed. Fair and White products are not really recommendable to use for great results.

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