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Cosmelan Peel Review


Cosmelan peel is specially formulated line of skincare products to treat pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes that can occur due to several reasons such as acne, over and systematic exposure to sun, aging, and freckles.

It consists of a two-step treatment program for depigmentation.

The first step involves visiting a professional facility where a dermatologist or a certified professional applies a mask. This mask is custom-made to suit each skin color or skin tone. It is left on for a timeframe depending on the requirement of the user and is removed with cleansing milk. Once the mask is removed, the skin is cleaned and is ready for the next step.

The second step of the Cosmelan treatment involves using Hydravital Factor K Cream followed by the Total Moisturizing Sun Block.


Cosmelan Ingredients

Step one Mask consists of:

  • Azelaic Acid
  • Kojic Acid
  • Phytic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Arbutine
  • Titanium


Ingredients of Hydra Vital Factor K Cream are:

  • Hydroviton
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin E
  • Amniotic fluid
  • Glycerine
  • Silicone oil


The Moisturizing Sun block contains:

  • Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnimate,
  • Titanium dioxide along with other sunblock ingredients.


Azelaic is used to treat acne. Kojic Acid works to lighten the skin by inhibiting production of tyrosinase, a skin-darkening agent. Ascorbic Acid helps rejuvenate the skin. Arbutin is a skin whitening and anti-aging agent. Vitamin K repairs dark, under-eye circles. Vitamin E repairs dry and rough skin and is recognized for its ability to retain moisture in the skin. Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnimate (Octinoxate) helps protect the skin against sunburn and other skin damages caused by UV rays by absorbing UV radiation.


Pros of the Cosmelan Peel Procedure

  • It is for those looking for specialized skin treatments
  • It helps in the treatment of melanin patches on the skin known as Melasma or Chloasma.
  • Safe method and painless method to lighten the skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists
  • Well researched formulation and documented results


Cons of Procedure

  • Takes longer period to work on darker skin tone
  • The whole treatment is very expensive
  • Cosmelan treatment is only a temporary solution
  • Titanium Dioxide, one of the active ingredients is a potential cancer-causing agent.
  • Requires you to step out of the comfort of your home and visit a dermatologist or spa for the initial treatment
  • Doctor’s prescription or recommendation is mandatory
  • Kojic acid is an unstable ingredient known to be very irritating to the skin leading to dermatitis and erythema


Cosmelan Side Effects

Some users who have undergone cosmelan depigmentation program experienced peeling and redness in the face in the first step with no improvement on the melasma spots.

Those sensitive to the treatment due to any of the listed ingredients may experience post inflammatory hyperpigmentation around the lips, chin, the sides of the mouth, and smile lines.

Cosmelan claims that minor side effects such as redness, bit of burning sensation, and itching after the first treatment are normal.


Cosmelan Verdict

Cosmelan will not guarantee desired results if combined with any other treatments for the skin. It has to used regularly to avoid skin blemishes and to prevent them from resurfacing. Use a sun block to protect the skin from unwanted blemishes in the interim.

This two-step Cosmelan peel treatment is not for those looking for erasing fine lines and reducing wrinkles but for individual with serious skin issues such as blemishes, scars, acne, and skin discolorations caused by over-exposure to sun.

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One Comment

  1. Michele Sullivann

    I purchased the Cosmelan mask kit from my facialist. I have olive skin and got damage from a well known certified plastic surgeon who did IPL on my face. It just goes to show even the so called best can have mistakes. She burned my chest I had welts for over a week. It acutally made the skin on my face that used to be clear with just a few blemishes worse and created hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead. All this because I wanted to look perfect for my wedding day. My new facialist recommended this mask. She had done it a few weeks prior and was glowing when i saw her. She first prepared my skin with a light exfoliation and micro-derm prior to applying the skin cleanser ( blue bottle like alcohol) and finally the mask. She said this helps the mask stick to tke skin as the mask is somewhat oily and tends to flake off when on for 6+ hours. It has been 24 hours since I applied the mask. My skin is a little red today, looks as if I have had been in the sun all day, but I used some light mineral make up today at work to even out my tone. When I got home my skin has started to peel. I see an improvememnt in my skin already and I havnt even completely peeled. Will update after 7 days. That is when most see results, Im really excited to update you with the results of my clear beautiful skin

    Overall Not Rated

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