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Ambi Fade Cream
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Does Ambi Skin Discoloration Fade Cream Work?

Ambi is a very well known household name and because of this many men and women are turning towards their skin bleaching cream to help reduce the appearance of skin darkening, dark spots, freckles, and age and sun spots.

The Ambi fade cream has been created for the normal skin type only and this eliminates a lot of people with oily skin from using this product right away. If you have normal skin than you are eligible to utilize this skin lightening product should you choose Ambi Fade Cream.

With an entire skin care line dedicated to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and even out an uneven complexion, you can smoothly change from one skin care regime to another and see results in as little as 2 weeks with Ambi skin care fade cream.

Ambi Fade Cream Ingredients:

Ambi fade cream for normal skin is known as the triple-action formula based on the ingredients within the product.

Hydroquinone is the number one active ingredient utilizing 2% of the formula’s composition followed by Vitamin E, Alpha Hydroxy and Octinoxate at 2% as well.

Hydroquinone is a dermatologist recommended ingredient for skin bleaching but it is also a problematic ingredient that many people have negative reactions to. This well known chemical has been known to trigger side effects within skin lightening agents and should be considered a slight risk for usage.

The other ingredients are natural and beneficial to the overall Ambi fade cream formula. Octinoxate is a sunscreen which provides added protection from the sun for your skin but of course adding SPF 30 to your skin is always recommended.


  • Easy and convenient online and retail store purchasing
  • Entire skin lightening product line to utilize
  • Results possible within 2weeks of regular use
  • Vitamin E helps soften and smooth your skin externally
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Contains Hydroquinone within ingredients
  • Mainly created for normal skin types
  • Does not list entire ingredient list
  • Possible risk of skin irritation

Ambi Fade Cream Side Effects:

When you find a skin lightening product you are interested in, the first thing you should always do is read through the ingredients. Although you may not know what each is, you can definitely tell the chemicals from the natural properties and this is all that is important.

Because Ambi skin discoloration fade cream contains Hydroquinone, you are putting your skin at risk. This is the main cause of side effects within this skin lightening product. Side effects that include: skin irritation, swelling, burning, and peeling of the skin, blistering and eye and mouth irritation.

If you experienced any of these symptoms – visit your physician immediately to be treated and do not continue using Ambi fade cream of any kind.

The Bottom Line

The major downfall of this product is the inclusion of harmful chemicals and therefore the heightened risk of side effects that can permanently and severely harm your skin and its texture.

Always try a small area of skin before applying the Ambi fade cream to your entire face or a full area on the body. This can help you determine whether your skin type will react to the Hydroquinone and eliminate the risk of extreme side effects on your face.

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  1. Monica

    I bought the ambi fade cream and the black shea butter soap and just from looking at the reviews i regret it. I used the soap and the cream and it started to tingle a little so i just washed my face with neutrogena and put some palmers cocoa butter on. I might keep the soap but the cream i am no longer going to use. i will do my research next time!!!!!!!

  2. Tia

    I’ve used this, but before going out in the sun I used a face lotion (its a light one) I would use that or the Olay one before stepping out, I even think it said to do that on the back of the bottle. Its unsafe to go out in the sun when you are using these types of products. A sunscreen or face lotion is very important. I was looking for it on the shelf again but couldn’t find it, they might have pulled it off of the market because I checked four different stores. I may look into Avon for something like it or even organic methods. This product only masks the problem. I want something to get rid of it permanently, anyone know a product like that? Or any natural at home things that I can use? Ambi was good for a while and would fly off of the shelf. It was actually better than the other stuff I’ve tried that wouldn’t help the issues that I was having. The reason I was looking for it again is because the amount I had left over isn’t enough and it was like a year or two old and I didn’t want to use something old like that. I stopped using it after I thought it got rid of the problem just for it to show up again 3-4 weeks after use. I was so disappointed, I wish they would remake this where it was safer and get it back on the market. Because I used the lotions I never had issues with burning and I used a really thin layer. I would also use a face soap and skip use every other two days so I think that helped as well.

  3. Jade

    I got the Ambi fade cream for oily skin, though i don’t have that much ache(barely any!) it didn’t do anything for me. My dark spots look exactly the same and its been almost 4 weeks. I’m medium brown skin, and it didn’t do anything!I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with really dark marks( knees, elbows etc.). Even the pretty light one’s on my face, don’t waste your money!The only good thing is it makes your skin soft for a bit.

  4. hannah

    Haaaha.. yall are silly. I love this stuff :)

    Overall Not Rated
  5. Shanequia

    OMG! I was going to try the fading creme,but not now after reading the reviews. I have used Ambi soap and it do great on my face I’m going to try the Ambi moisturizer spf 30 also.

  6. Helah

    I have been using the fade cream for almost 2 weeks and I can tell that my dark spots are fading. My husband is happy with the results, he said I have a glow!

    Overall Not Rated
  7. sky

    i’ve been using this product for yeaaaaaaaaaaaars! & i love it. it clears up my skin and i’ve never noticed a difference in skin colors! i didn’t even know this was possible until ppl kept saying it was fading CREAM?!?! i don’t think so.

  8. alana

    Well I Got Ambi yesterday an i put it on my face once and it was ohkay the nextday i put it on my face started burning and itching and got alot more pimples on my face and i now have red spots on my face i personaly dont like it i have done alot of research and alot of people said dont use this product it can damage the skin cause cancer just look on google and type it in and see how manny people dont like this product as much as i do its horrible what happen to these people it just makes you think if it happen to you I Threw mine away right after i heard all of those WARNINGS Just If you read this i wish you a good luck and im sorry if something goes wrong and you get severaly DAMAGED FACE dont say i didnt warn ya!
    K Well Thanks Byee! (;

  9. angelina

    The old ambi worked very well and would clear up spots in 2wks and they wouldnot come back. I cant remember when they changed up the ingredients but its been some years since they have the new version of ambi creme come out. I could tell from the texture of the creme that it was no good. I tried it for a month and it did nothing for me. Didnot experience any burning or skin irration. You may want to try ultra glow. That was actually secondary to ambi awhile ago but now its a LOT better choice over ambi.

  10. Rush

    Tired it love it. Not everything work for everyone.

  11. Gabriela

    I bought this stuff like almost 2 weeks ago & my legs are clearing up. I don’t know what you guys are talking about this stuff is awesome. Everything doesn’t work for everyone I guess.

  12. Sasha

    This is a horrible product first day I used it it was ok…the next day my face was broken out everywhere!!

    Overall Not Rated
  13. Joy

    I’ve had the Ambi Cream for awhile now in I just decided to use it to get rid of all the dark spots. Update coming soon!!!

  14. Carlee

    Ive been using this product on my acne marks for about 2 weeks and it’s working great.. Almost life changing, I love it. I also use the ambi bar soap on my body its good too..

  15. Jane

    Tried it for a couple of weeks. Seemed to help a little but the smell if AWFUL! had to stop due to that and look for something else. PU!!!

  16. Lisa

    I have been using this product for about 1 week and I have seen the dark spots fade away little by little. I use it in the morning and night. My skin does not react in no way to the product. Ambi is good and it does not dry out your skin; in the morning my fsce feels smoother than when I went to bed. I love it so far and it has been working little by little just in the past week.

  17. niecy

    i love this product my face was breaking out ,so i brought the soap and the fade wks for me!!!!!!love it

    Overall Not Rated

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