Remove Age Spots – Best Age Spot Treatments

Removing Age Spots

Removing Age Spots

Age spots are known by this name because they women above 55 are mostly afflicted by them. They have no obvious connection with liver disorders though they are also commonly referred to as liver spots. But yes, eating right and digesting properly goes a long way in preventing age spots from appearing.

Facial Age Spots

Age spots usually develop as a result of excessive exposure to the sun that causes skin pigments to collect in particular areas of the face, hands, legs, neck, back and shoulders, in other words, the commonly exposed areas of the body. They are, therefore, also clinically referred to as solar lentigines. Sometimes, age spots are caused by the clotting of blood just under the skin, a condition that is also related to old age.

Age Spots Treatment

Since age spots are common enough, particularly among people of fairer complexions, age spot treatment is also not hard to come by. Several creams and lotions are available in the market that are successful in fading age spots or removing them altogether.

How does one get rid of age spots?

First, it is of utmost importance to take care of our diet and lifestyle. As we grow older, our system grows weaker too, and becomes less competent to carry the loads that it could when we were young. So it is our duty to make things easy for our internal organs. By eating the right kind of food, quitting smoking and excessive drinking, we can help our digestive system perform better. And this reduces the chances of a number of ailments including age spots.

Since the sun is the main culprit behind age spots, you should invest in a good sunblock rightaway. If you have been using a sunblock and brown spots have still appeared, it is perhaps a signal that you need to change the product. You could also take this opportunity to see a doctor, if only to eliminate the possibility of a more serious skin condition behind this.

Here are a few remedies for removing skin age spots that are easy to get hold of and easy to apply.

Age Spot Creams

Many of the creams and lotions used for dark spot removal, such as Meladerm, also work on age spots. There are others like celazome, camocare, Earth Science fade creams which are recommended particularly for age spots.

For age spots on the face, sunblocks and age spot creams used together give good results. Creams based on glycolic acid, kojic acid and other such bleaching agents result in the fading of age spots on face. In home remedies, cucumber and potatoes show results when mashed or grated and applied to the affected areas.

For the brown age spots that appear on hands, use a good hand cream with sun protection factor (SPF) of not less than 15. Ole Henriksen and Kiehl’s are tried-and-tested brands in this area. An effective home remedy for age spots on hands is the ubiquitous tomato. Use a quarter of a tomato for each hand and rub it till all the juice has rubbed off and just the thin peel is left. Used consistently over a period, this is certain to result in noticeably lightened age spots.

Lemon Juice for Age Spots

Lemon juice is also useful when applied on age spots. As a cleanser or toner, or combined with sugar crystals, it is one of the most effective ingredients for cleaning your skin.

Laser for removing age spots

Brown spots on skin can be medically ‘frozen’ with liquid nitrogen or burnt with acids, followed by removal with the help of laser treatment. These have been proven to be safe methods of brown spots removal.

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SkinBright Skin Brightener

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