Dark Spots Home Remedies

Dark spots are a common problem for women, and men too, of any age and ethnicity. There are several reasons why our skin darkens, not evenly but in patches, resulting in dark patches and freckles. When they appear on the face, arms and other exposed areas of the body, as they commonly do, they make us feel uncomfortable and eager to get rid of them. Acne and pimples are also generally classified under the category of dark spots, though there are specialized treatments for these. First, it is important to ask a doctor to examine the possible reasons for the appearance of these spots. The reasons could be genetic, or related to your lifestyle or eating patterns. But whatever the reason, there are a few home remedies always at hand.

Let us now look at a few home remedies for dark spot treatment:

For dark spots on the face: One of the commonest vegetables, almost always found in our kitchens, the potato, is quite effective in removing dark spots. Take a medium potato and grate it up and apply on your face, so that the juice evenly reaches the dark spots. Leave it on for 10 minutes or so and wash off. The results should be apparent in a couple of weeks

For acne dark spots: Oily skins are prone to acne. Use oatmeal or coarsely grated masur dal, mixed with a little milk or water as an exfoliating face pack, to prevent acne from troubling your skin. If acne has left red spots, treat them with sandalwood paste, and see the difference in seven to ten days.

Dark spots under the eye: The skin under the eyes is thin like muslin and sensitive. No wonder this is the area that wrinkles at the earliest. So you have to be extra careful while treating this area. Lemon juice, turmeric, extra virgin coconut oil are good things to use for under-eye dark spot removal.

Dark spots on hands and legs: You could use sugar crystals to exfoliate the skin on the hands and legs. Rub the sugar with a piece of lemon till the sugar melts. This is very effective. Tomatoes also help lighten dark spots in these areas. Make a pack mixing cucumber juice, orange and lemon juice and Fuller’s earth and apply to your hands and legs for smooth even-toned skin.

Dark spots on lips: Lips develop dark spots often because of smoking. Cucumber juice or tomatoes used for a sustained period helps in fading these spots. Another good remedy is a mixture of sandalwood and rosewater. You should leave this on for about five minutes and then wash it off.

Here are some things easily available in the kitchen that may be used to good effect to remove facial dark spots:

  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Milk
  • Mint and parsley
  • Oatmeal
  • Masur dal
  • Watermelon
  • Sesame seeds
  • Vinegar


Of course, the market is flush with ointments, creams and lotions promising permanent freedom from dark spots. It is easy to taken in by the campaigns that use models with glowing skins. But one must remember that many of these products use chemicals and steroids, including mercury, that could harm your skin. Agreed, it is easier to put on some cream from a tube or jar than look for natural ingredients and spend time crushing, mixing, boiling, or juicing them to prepare the home remedy for your skin troubles. But think about it, the latter will give you results without causing any damage to your precious skin. Is the work you have to put in to get together the ingredients such a big deal when you think of it this way?

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