L’oreal Youth Code Serum Review

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector


L’Oreal Company doesn’t need any introduction because it is one of the popular brands in the world of cosmetic and skincare products. L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector is an illuminating serum and dark spot correcting formula that fights with discoloration and restore luminosity. For a youthful, radiant and even complexion, this product remove dark spots and illuminated skin tone. According to the recent survey, this product has become successful to remove dark spots in just two months. This survey showed that 86 percent of women were highly satisfied with the results of L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector than any other product.

How Should You Use L’Oreal Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector?

Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector should be used with the difference of twelve hours. You should use it twice a day on face and neck. Use with day cream for the removal of future dark spots. It really works if you use this product with the day cream of L’Oreal. The proper use of this serum is based on some steps. First of all, use cleanser gel by L’Oreal. Secondly, apply L’Oreal eye cream in the surroundings of both eyes. Thirdly, use youth code dark spot corrector serum on the skin. Fourth step is to use Day cream with SPF 30 in the day and night cream in the night. Though, it is a little time-taking procedure but really effective for the skin. The company recommends you to make skin clean and glowing by following this regular process for two months.

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Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Review


truth serum collagen booster


About Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster:

Ole Henriksen have introduced a serum enriched with vitamin C. This anti-oxidant nourishes and brightens every type of skin. It protects the skin, makes it healthy, fights with free-radical damage, defends from environmental aggressors, minimizes fine lines, brightens and support natural collagen production through this formulated five-source vitamin C complex. It nourishes and nurture the skin through sodium hyalorunate and green tea extracts. The awesome fragrance of this serum makes you feel fresh. It quickly absorbs into the skin through an oil-free and lightweight formula. The specialty of this product is the absence of three harmful ingredients that you can see in most of the skincare serums or creams. These are Phthalates, sulfates and parabens.

How Does Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Claim to Work?

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum comes with several benefits according to it manufacturers. These main points about which the company claims are the addition of calcium ascorbate that is a kind of vitamin C and have a great effect on skin. Secondly, the key to produce collagen is the sodium ascorbyl phosphate which is added in its ingredients. It is non-irritating, safe and stable product. Thirdly, it soothes, repairs damage, heals through rose hips seed extracts. The aromatic and antiseptic qualities are in the grapefruit extracts that is also a part of Truth Serum’s ingredients. The skin purity and natural cell turnover is supported through orange extracts in this serum. If these ingredients really work then it can be a great and effective product. The claims of this product show that it is really a wonderful skincare formula.

How To You Use Ole Henriksen Truth Serum?

This product should be used in the morning as well as evening. It is highly recommended to apply this serum on both face and neck gently. It works more on skin if you use after cleansing and toning. There is no limit of its use on any specific skin type. It can be used on any type of skin. Use Ole Henriksen face cream and eye product after the absorption of this serum on the skin. This serum is only for the external use and should be kept out of the access of children. For quick results, you need to use it for a month or two. If you leave its use even for a single day, you need to begin its one-month skincare course again. Therefore, do not take a break during regular use of this product.
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Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Reviews

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector, is a product that is allegedly capable of reducing dark spots as well as other skin discolorations that are age revealing. Besides this, it claims to be powerful enough to not only clear the age defying spots but also reduce the appearance of scars brought about by acne, sun spots plus a wide variety of skin discolorations. Beverly Hills spot corrector, the said quick absorbing gel formulation, also claims to make your skin brighter with an even tone. The dark spot protector also claims to protect it from future damage with the use of friendly and safe ingredients.

How Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Apparently Works?

According to the Beverly Hills MD, the dark spots that it corrects are mostly (90%) caused by over exposure to the sun. It claims that when this happens, excess melanin is pocketed in various areas of the skin. The correct English term for this is hyper pigmentation. It is more likely to occur as one ages.

Due to their deep definition on the skin, the dark spots are the first things that a stranger notices when they look at you. Apart from the face, they might also appear on the neck, hands and chest. The more they are, the older they make you look. Apparently, they can make you appear 20 years older than you really are. In the past, these age defying spots were effectively removed by skin bleaching products which were made from very harsh ingredients for instance; the highly toxic hydroquinin chemical. The other alternative to the removal of these spots was laser treatments which are very painful and require a lot of time in recovery.

Dark Spot Corrector, a product of Beverly Hills MD, allegedly can correct these skin issues in the comfort of your home or office. It claims to have the ability to produce the same positive results minus the unnecessary trauma to the skin. This is not the end to the claims of Dark Spot Corrector skin product, apparently it can improve the appearance of your skin in a matter of minutes. It also claims to prevent future attacks of the dark spots on any part of the skin where you’d like to maintain youthful looks.

According to Beverly Hills MD, this dark spot corrector is effective enough to create a revolution in the skin care industry. Lets take a look at how this product claims to accomplish this.
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Review of Paula’s Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion with 7 AHA

Paula's Choice Resist Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion

About Paula’s Choice RESIST Clearly Remarkable skin lightening Lotion with 7% AHA:

Paula’s Choice RESIST Clearly Remarkable skin lightening Lotion is a moisturizer that claims of providing spotless and brighter skin as well. This lotion comes in a tube form and has a quite thick texture. Though, there are not several claims by this product but it even doesn’t meet some of their claims. The clear spotless skin is a dream of many people.

Paula’s Choice Skin lightening lotion doesn’t remove the marks and spots from the skin. Therefore, the company’s sales and product’s demand is not much higher than of other brands.

How to use RESIST Clearly Remarkable skin lightening lotion

Pros of the product:

There is only one pros of this product which is its thick texture. This thick texture is good for dry skin type. People can use it only for the purpose of moisturizing dried skin. It provides softer and smooth effect to the body but fails to meet other claims.

Cons of the product:

 There are lots of cons of Paula’s Choice Skin lightening lotion. Firstly, it has an unpleasant medicinal smell that stops people to use in front of others.

 For a very sensitive skin, this product is not a right choice. In some cases, users have suffered from rashes and itchiness after using this product. Therefore, it is highly suggested to use it after consulting from a dermatologist. It creates stings on the skin.

 The thickness in the texture of this lotion is also a disadvantage of this product. Due to its thick texture, it’s quite tough for users to wear this lotion at day time.

 It’s not a recommended lotion for the oilier skins. The skin gets oilier if you use it on oilier skin. However, you can use this cream in extreme winters on an oily skin.


Paula’s Choice Skin lightening lotion hardly removes the dark spots fully from skin. According to different reviews, people never even got 10% results from this so-called skin whitening and spot removing lotion. The product is far away to provide skin whitening effect to the users.

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Critical Review of Neostrata HQ Plus Gel 4 Hydroquinone

Neostrata HQ Plus 4Neostrata HQ Plus 2% or 
4% Hydroquinone lightening gel review

Over the counter Hydroquinone gels in the US offer up to a 2% level of Hydroquinone. To obtain 4%, you should visit your dermatologist.

$41-$52 (click here for best price)


About Neostrata HQ Plus gel:

NeoStrata HQ Plus —which is a 2% Hydroquinone lightening gel with glycolic acid is a water-based formula that fights with dark hyper pigmentation, spots and freckles.

This product is best for all the skin types. This water-based gel minimizes prominent lines and accelerates desquamation of dead cells. This is a medicated product that should be only used after the dermatologist’s prescription. The product is a combined formula of several medically tested ingredients. As per the customer’s feedback, the product has mixed reviews.

The claims by the makers of this product are use of antioxidant chealtors for capturing pigments, increases cell turnover, exfoliates dark spot gently, remove hyper pigmentation through 2% Hydroquinone and 10% Polyhydroxy Acids and remove all the dark spots from skin.

Despite all these claims, the product failed to affect properly on the skin.

What customers are saying about the product:

Neostrata HQPlus gel ingredients:

The important ingredients included in this gel are

  •  Water,
  • sodium sulfite,
  • sodium bisulfate,
  • Propylene Glycol,
  • Potassium Hydroxide,
  • Polyquaternium-10,
  • Oxalic Acid,
  • Lacto bionic Acid,
  • Kojic Acid,
  • Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) extract,
  • Gluconolactone,
  • Citric Acid, CI 19140 (Yellow 5),
  •  CI 17200 (Red 33),
  • BHT,
  • Arginine and
  • Alcohol Denat.

All of these ingredients have been used to provide combined effect for making skin glowing and free from spots.

How Should You Use Neostrata HQPlus gel?

It would be better if you discuss from a physician before using this product on the affected areas. After consulting with a dermatologist, you can use it one to two times each day. As per the claims, this product provides a healthier look to the skin and removes all the uneven scars. The brown and ageing spots can be minimized or removed through regular use of this product. An application of a thin layer of this gel is necessary for earlier results.

Bottom Line:

 When compared it to other products, we found lack of meaningful differences.

 Mixed reviews by the customers also make people curious about its after effects.

 It should be only used after consulting with a doctor.

 There are some complaints of no permanent removal of dark spots from the skin.

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Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum Review: Does it work?


Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment



A brightening, multitasking, radiance treatment and mask.


About Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment:

Good Genes by Sunday Riley is a mask and radiance treatment that provides extra brightness to the complexion. Vibrant complexion, improve circulation for a smooth skin and newer skin, reveal brightness and plump fine lines are included in the treatment which you can get by using this product. Though, this product claims for making several changes on the skin but their users couldn’t get highly satisfied with it. These are to increase epidermal thickness and firmness, give even skin tone, reduce the wrinkles, decrease the number of lines and depth, reduce scars, diminish hyper pigmentation and restore damages skin through long-term use. According to the majority of skin care product’s users, Meladerm skin brightening cream is far better and effective than this product.

Sunday Riley Good Genes ingredients:

According to the company, Good Genes is comprised of five major ingredients which come with different benefits for the skin. These ingredients are yeast, arnica, licorice, lemon grass and 40% lactic acid. Yeast helps to make tissues healthier as well as stronger and heal the skin as well. The counteract sting of lactic acid is possible with arnica. It makes skin soothing and boosts blood circulation. An anti-inflammatory and natural skin brightener is licorice. Lemongrass helps to enhance radiance, bring oxygen to the skin and increases the circulation. The use of lactic acid reduces depth of wrinkle over the time, refines and exfoliates skin and plumps the lines. With such detailed effects, the cream does not provide all the claimed benefits to the skin. Apart from all their claims, Meladerm skin brightening cream is more effective than Good Genes.

How Should You Use Sunday Riley Good Genes?

Good Genes Treatment from Sunday Riley on Vimeo.

This product can be used for at least once in a day as an immediate transforming treatment. The use of Good Genes is highly recommended after removing make up through cleanser. It is daily serum to provide glow to the skin. Simply apply it on your face after removal of make up. It gently removes your entire make up without leaving any spot on your face. According to some users of this product, they didn’t feel that change on the skin despite using it daily. They found Meladerm brightening cream better than it in all the aspects. It is safe for people of all age groups and there is not any side effect of using Meladerm.

Sunday Riley Good Genes pricing and refund policy

The 30 ml bottle of Good Genes is available with the price tag of $105. There is not any refund policy given by the company for the customers.

Can Good Genes help to provide brighter complexion?

It is quite difficult to change an original complexion. Good Genes by Sunday Riley have lots of effective ingredients but the product doesn’t provide a glowing skin. You would feel a clean skin free from dirt but this product is not effective for changing darker complexion into glowing skin. Meladerm skin brightening cream is highly suggested over this product if you want quicker and desired results.

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FDA warns against 15 skin-whitening products


Today I found that article on Yahoo! News and thought that it might be useful for you to know about it.
Health authorities warned the public against a new batch of 15 skin-whitening products after finding them tainted with mercury.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued Advisory 2013-053 where it noted the products had no FDA notification, meaning they should not be sold or offered for sale or use.
“After careful review of the products, 15 were assayed by the FDA Central Laboratory for toxic mercury levels. Laboratory results showed that 11 out of the 15 products or 73.33 percent were found to contain mercury levels more than 1ppm (parts per million),” FDA head Kenneth Hartigan-Go said.

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